Product Review: Chickweed & Clover’s New Mineral Soak


Product Review: Chickweed & Clover’s New Mineral Soak

March 6, 2020

One of local company, Chickweed & Clover’s, newest products is the Eucalyptus and Lime Mineral Soak. Chickweed and Clover creates handcrafted and herbalist formulated family products, right here in the Grande Prairie area. Over the years I have tried many of their products and absolutely love them. When the Eucalyptus and Lime Mineral Soak was available in stores (I picked mine up from Mint Pharmacy), I was just getting over the flu and had been diagnosed with tonsillitis as well. I could not wait to get home and have a relaxing bath!

Made with castor oil, the mineral soak is deeply nourishing, which my parched winter skin desperately needed the moisture. The eucalyptus essential oils have decongestant properties, which helped with my chills and stuffed nose. I also found the soak to be great for the aches I was experiencing from the flu. One note, don’t be like me and use 2 tsps. instead of the recommended 1 tsp per bath. I was a little over excited and battling so many things, I figured 2 tsps. wouldn’t hurt but did find this amount to be just a bit too moisturizing.

This mineral soak is safe for pregnancy and children over 1. It helps lock moisture into you skin and relieves stuffy noses. It also can be used for growing pains, which is exactly what my 3.5 year old needed that same week. She is loving her baths lately, which is a nice change from her thinking baths were evil. Her skin was starting to get dry and she was complaining of sore legs the one evening. Perfect timing for a Eucalyptus and Lime Mineral Soak bath! She came out with soft skin and soothed legs!

This is definitely a great family product that we will be keeping on hand at all times! Here is Chickweed and Clover’s new webpage that you can shop on . Or their products are carried at the health food stores in town, Bold and Brassy Clothing Store and Mint Pharmacy.

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