Guest Blog Post: Finding Balance Postpartum


Guest Blog Post: Finding Balance Postpartum

July 29, 2020

Hey there, Mama!
Whether you are a new mom or a mom of four, it can be a struggle to find balance in the day to day, let alone trying to properly nourish your body. Nutrition plays a vital role in the postpartum recovery journey, but it is not the only component. As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant TM, I focus on helping you balance three areas in your life: mind, body, and spirit. These are so intricately connected, that if one is out of balance, then the rest will follow. In this post I will briefly touch base on what and how to nourish your postpartum body to start feeling “human” again.

First, we are going to focus on the mind aspect. And I know you are going to throw a shoe at me for this, but getting proper SLEEP is the best thing for bringing balance back to the mind. Adequate sleep helps decrease cortisol (stress hormone) which in turn will help lose the baby weight over time. Deep breathing exercises will also help bring balance back to the parasympathetic nervous system, so getting in some daily meditation will help. Taking a magnesium supplement is beneficial to the nervous system, and will help relax the body. If you feel like you may be experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, I strongly encourage you to speak with your doctor or health professional.

Second, is the body aspect. Our bodies go through drastic changes when pregnant then afterwards in postpartum. Our bodies can get rather nutrient deficient right after having a baby, because so much of our nutrients went into that growing baby. Now for postpartum, we need to recover what we lost. Ensure adequate protein and collagen intake to help rebuild connective tissues and the elasticity of the skin. Also, taking a good quality multivitamin with a whole food diet will help replenish the missing nutrients. Drinking 2-3 Liters of water a day will help with ensuring a good supply of breast-milk (if breastfeeding), but will also help flush toxins out of your system (and help lose weight). Move your body daily! This could be in the form of walking, yoga, workouts, or just chasing kids outside.

Lastly, but definitely not least, is the spirit aspect. Now this looks different for everyone. Whether it be going/listening to church services, meditation, practicing yoga, counselling, or journaling (the list goes on), as long as you are enjoying and connecting with yourself that is key. Do what fills up your cup. The saying is true: “you cannot pour from an empty cup”, and as a mama, we have a lot of pouring to do! Try something small like taking 10 minutes a day to do something for you, and slowly increase it over time as you figure out your schedule.
Most important thing to remember is that these things take time. So be gentle with yourself. Start with small baby steps, and slowly add on as time goes on. Getting in touch with other mamas and creating a sense of community will greatly help in your postpartum recovery journey.

About the Blogger
Hey there!
I’m Victoria, and I am a busy mom of three under 5 (Dax, Magnus, Ava), and a self-proclaimed coffee addict! I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritional ConsultantTM, and it is my passion to help out mamas and their babies lead a healthy life. I love taking the gentle approach to things, and helping build habits for the crazy “mom schedule”.

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