Keeping Kids Active This Summer Without Organized Sports


Keeping Kids Active This Summer Without Organized Sports

June 6, 2020

Keeping Kids Active This Summer Without Organized Sports

So now that we’re in the midst of dealing with the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, sports families are now realizing that keeping their kids active and busy is much harder than it seems without summer sports leagues! I know growing up in a sports family that was playing hockey  in the winter and lacrosse in the summer, the absence of sports is honestly unfathomable. With summer camps also closed, this means parents are having to take a more hands on and involved approach to keeping their kids busy.
So to help all the parents out there that are now having to keep their kids active without the ease of organized sports, I have compiled a few of our favorite alternatives for this summer to tire out the kids, while some will even help you out with day to day chores!

1. Lifelong Sports Activities
There are a ton of livelong sports activities you can encourage your kids to try out and learn this summer now that they will not be playing baseball, soccer, or lacrosse. Swimming is one of the top lifelong sports skills, but the pandemic currently has pools closed in the summer so unless you have access to a private coach and a lake it might be tough. Biking has become even more popular in these circumstances and lets face it, everyone loves a good bike ride!
If your kids don’t know how to bike and they are between the ages of 3 – 8, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in this lifelong skill! Kids love the independence of riding a bike and it can be a major step in giving them more responsibility. The best part is it keeps them active, and depending on the age and area they might be able to ride around the block without supervision.

2. Golf
Golf is the perfect summer activity to pick up this year, with golf courses wide open for the summer with new social distancing rules. This is not the cheapest hobby to pick up for adults, but luckily junior rates, lessons, and equipment are quite affordable! Even just walking 9 holes is typically the equivalent to 2.5 kms and swinging a golf club at least 50 times a round will work up a sweat!
One of the best things about golf for kids is that it is a sport that requires focus to learn and play the game. It is also very challenging to hit the ball far and straight, but you will see kids 7 years old on the course smashing the ball!
3. Gardening
You may not think of gardening as an alternative to playing sports, but gardening is a great way to keep kids engaged and active at home, while also give them some responsibility. We like to set aside a small portion of our garden and let the children take care of it on their own and be accountable for it every day. The excitement of owning their very own piece of the garden is priceless and adorable!
It also gives you an opportunity to get them helping do some yard work and gardening, and they will start to view it more as a learning opportunity than a chore.

4. Fishing
Fishing is truly a lifelong skill, and it would be rare to be able to drive an hour from anywhere in Canada and not pass a fishable lake or river! This is a great social distancing activity for the entire family, and you can make an entire day event out of it or just go sneak down to the nearest fishing spot after work during the weekday. All you really need is a fishing license (which are cheap!), fishing rod + reel, and a few lures and you are good to go.
For kids just starting out, you’ll want to ensure firstly you teach them the dangers of hooks and being careful handing a baited rod with other people around.

5. Hiking
Hiking is the cheapest activity on the list and usually all it costs is a little bit of gas and hopefully getting lucky with some nice summer weather. For a list of hiking spots and trails nearby, All Trails is a great resource and app as it gives you the difficulty, elevation, and also recent reviews on the conditions of the hike! Hiking, depending on the difficulty and how much time you want to spend is especially tiring for kids as they’ll be running around in a brand-new environment.
You also get the opportunity to teach them about nature and animals while still keeping the kids active! It can also be a very relaxing activity for the adults since most hikes are quite safe so you don’t have to constantly worry the entire time.
6. Frisbee Golf
A sport that is continually increasing in popularity, yet still seems to be relatively unknown is a great activity for families and kids of almost all ages. All you really need is a frisbee and some kind of a target (real ones are expensive so we typically use a bucket on a stake) you can just create your own frisbee golf course in a park or backyard, or check out one of the local courses!
Throwing a frisbee with accuracy and distance is no where near as easy as it seems, and it can motivate and challenge kids to work on their stills to improve. Not to mention, if you’re walking around throwing a frisbee for even as little as 30 minutes it is going to tire the kids right out!

Wrapping it All Up
Trust me, its not easy for parents trying to balance work and child care with the resources in these current times. Hopefully this article offered up some useful suggestions on how to keep your child’s activity levels where they should be until organized sports start back in the future. Some additional ideas that don’t offer as much longevity are scavenger hunts, geo-caching, and even obstacle courses set up in the backyard!

Author: Eric Fraser with Going Bar Down

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