Fourth Trimester Favourites

October 12, 2020

The term 'fourth trimester' might sound strange as your baby is already born. The fourth trimester is the three months after birth where your baby goes through great changes and development, adjusting to life outside the womb. The fourth trimester…

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Books for Bedtime & Beyond

September 7, 2020

Books have played a huge part in our bed and nap time routines. My kiddos are four and six years old now. I still read these ones to my 4 year old (through repetition she is starting to be able…

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Guest Blog Post: Finding Balance Postpartum

July 29, 2020

Hey there, Mama! Whether you are a new mom or a mom of four, it can be a struggle to find balance in the day to day, let alone trying to properly nourish your body. Nutrition plays a vital role…

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Keeping Kids Active This Summer Without Organized Sports

June 6, 2020

Keeping Kids Active This Summer Without Organized Sports So now that we’re in the midst of dealing with the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, sports families are now realizing that keeping their kids active and busy is much harder than…

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Feeling Fresh With Fizz

May 23, 2020

After having my second child, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Arbonne Fizz sticks! Now, I love my morning coffee, but I always feel really groggy by mid afternoon. The perfect pick me up is to mix up…

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Guide to Dyeing Sensory Materials

March 22, 2020

There are so many everyday household items that can be used for sensory play! What makes them more fun? Dyeing them your child's favorite color, making holiday themed sensory materials, or making rainbow sensory materials. Through trial and error, I…

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Keep Busy With Sensory Play

March 15, 2020

Have you heard of sensory play for kids? Sensory play can start as young as 3 months old. This type of play involves one or more of the 5 senses, and allows children to experience new sensations in a safe…

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Product Review: Chickweed & Clover’s New Mineral Soak

March 6, 2020

One of local company, Chickweed & Clover's, newest products is the Eucalyptus and Lime Mineral Soak. Chickweed and Clover creates handcrafted and herbalist formulated family products, right here in the Grande Prairie area. Over the years I have tried many…

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