Organizing the Playroom – One Small Victory at a Time!


Organizing the Playroom – One Small Victory at a Time!

March 21, 2019

I have been on a mission in my house, an organizing mission! My theory is that every single thing in a house should have it’s own “home”, a place where it belongs and everyone knows where it goes. And, having an organized home does so much good for the people living in the house, if you tend to live with stuff everywhere this could be affecting everyone, including children. Having a clear and organized house can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve relationships, boost productivity, sleep better, and more! (if you want to read more about this, you can HERE HERE and HERE)

Recently, about 6 weeks ago, I organized our entire main floor, and I can already see the differences in everyone, the kids clean up after themselves almost every time they bring stuff out to play with, and my husband and I find it so much easier to keep the house clean. My adventure organizing our main floor led me to find these beauties (clear storage bins)

They are the perfect size for almost anything, from craft supplies to games, small dolls and figurines, they are the perfect way to keep it all sorted and organized…and kids can just pull out one bin to play with at a time!


I found these gems at our local Dollarama Store and they come in different sizes and shapes to fit all your organizing needs!


Onto my playroom organization: I had my kids clean up ALL of their toys into two large bins before bed.

Then, after they went to bed, I sorted through it all and organized it into the following groups: animals, miscellaneous dolls, small figurines, Magformers, wood blocks, Shopkins (these things can be horrendous to keep tidied, they are just so small!), L.O.L. Dolls & accessories, Barbie accessories, doctor kit pieces, and larger-doll clothing and accessories.


Once I got through it all (LOTS was recycled or added to our donation bin), I stacked them in the shelf, stood back with my glass of wine, and cheers’d myself!

Have you recently organized or reorganized? Send us a message with any tips or tricks you might have, we would love to share them too!

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