Much Love For The LATCH – A Munchkin Latch Bottle Review


Much Love For The LATCH – A Munchkin Latch Bottle Review

October 27, 2014

munchkin_09-nursing4_1461_pickI’m a big fan of the Munchkin brand.  I love their colourful products and durability, not to mention price too!  When my son was born 4 years ago, I stocked up on quite a few Munchkin products including the formula dispenser, bottle brushes and an array of bath toys! Now that my daughter has arrived I find myself collecting more Munchkin products in my cart when shopping my local baby store.  

When Catherine at Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto asked me to review the Munchkin Latch Bottle, I was more than willing!  We have been supplementing with formula since she was born three months ago and I am still trying to find the perfect bottle for her.  She spits up quite frequently after feeds and is quite gassy. 

When I first received the Latch bottle I was quite intrigued by its appearance.  The packaging was quite easy to manage and it wasn’t outrageous.  Usually I find bottles over-packaged with so much to discard.  The information on the box was sufficient and big enough to read.  I particularly liked how the French translation wasn’t left to the bottom of the box.  When I went online to get more information on the bottle, the website was so organized and modern.  Love the Munchkin brand for this!

43544_1When I removed the bottle from the packaging, it was great to see that there were only a few parts.  We currently use a bottle brand that requires a lot of pulling apart and putting together of the valve, and little nooks and crannies to clean, which leaves cleaning and preparing bottles time-consuming and bothersome.

The size of the nipple on the Latch bottle is perfect and the accordion style is great which means it stretches like a breast allowing for my little one to latch correctly.   At first glance of the valve, I was concerned that spillage would occur when preparing the bottle, but it was flawless.  No spillage whatsoever.  So genius to have the valve at the bottom of the bottle! 

When I presented the bottle to my little one she latched on immediately.  She’s fidgety too when she eats, she’s nosey and always looking around, so the accordion feature on the nipple really allowed for her to keep with the feed without interruption.  Once she was done her feed, I found she was less gassy than usual and her spit up was minimal.   Of course, cleaning was a cinch! 

munchkin_10-baby_1620All in all, I had a great experience feeding my daughter with this bottle and would definitely recommend this bottle to a new mom.  I also will be purchasing more Latch bottles by Munchkin for my little one.  I give it a BUY!  

Leslie & Reggie (Mom & Baby participants)   



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