Lulujo Turkish Towels.. Where Have You Been All My Life?


Lulujo Turkish Towels.. Where Have You Been All My Life?

March 12, 2015

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to try out Lulujo’s Turkish Towels, as I had never used a Turkish style towel before, and had no idea what to expect.

Well, these luxuriously large and lightweight Lulujo Turkish Towels are now my favourite towels to use after my shower! I haven’t had the opportunity to use them at the pool, the lake or the beach yet, but I already know they are going to be awesome to take on outings as well. Bring on summer!!

Here are just a few reasons I find them to be much nicer to use than our regular terry cloth bath or beach towels:

They are 100% cotton, super absorbant, and generously sized.. yet still feel so light and airy. They look like they wouldn’t be able to hold much water, but they really do. They even manage to dry my thick mane of hair (which is not an easy feat in itself), and I admit I was doubtful about at first.

imageThe thin material feels very soft on your face, and can get right in to the small spots.. like your eye corners and ear creases. I would be very comfortable using these towels on a new baby, and I’m sure they could even be used as a swaddle or a light blanket if you’re travelling and in a pinch ( Lulujo has amazing cotton muslin swaddlers, and bamboo muslin swaddlers, and I would highly recommend you check out those beauties.. Don’t have a baby? Then try one on yourself.. They double as a nice and fashionable scarf 😉 Seriously though, they are so soft you’ll wish you were a baby that needed to be wrapped!).

These Lulujo Turkish Towels do a great job drying/polishing up my glasses after my shower, unlike terry cloth towels which leave them all streaky and just not nice to look through. Normally I have to separately dry my glasses with spray cleaner and an eyeglass polish cloth, but with these Lukujo Turkish Towels I can just dry them with the hem of my lovely ‘towel wrap dress’ when I need to get ready quickly. They kind of remind me of an oversized version of a favourite tea towel.. You know, the one that dries copious amounts of glassware, leaving them all sparkling like it’s nobody’s business 😉

I find these towels hold much more securely, and stay on better than my other bath towels do. They also don’t feel heavy on my head, or like they would slip off while I’m running around getting ready in a hurry.

They take up far less space in my washing machine, my linen closet, and in a bag if you were to travel with one. Living in a condo makes me really appreciate anything that saves on space and that makes things more efficient(Approximately 8 Lulujo Turkish Towels would take up the same amount of space as 1 of my regular terry cloth beach towels. Hello!!).

imageI think they would be amazing towels to take along on trips. They can be folded or rolled very compactly, and they don’t get all heavy and awkward like a soaked beach towel does. They dry very quickly, even if they need to be hung up folded over into two layers thick to save space (I’m thinking cottage deck rail or fence by the pool, with a bunch of bodies splashing around that need drying). I would also be willing to wager that it would be much easier for children to reuse the same towel repeatedly throughout the day. These Lulujo Turkish Towels are more likely to dry out in the time between dips in the water, while most other towels remain too damp to use for much longer.

They are easy to fold, hold and to manage the material.. I think they could easily be used for splinting, to close a diastasis after childbirth. Bonus!

Well, I think I could probably go on for far too long imagining uses for these versatile, efficient (and oh yeah, they look good too!), luxuriously large cotton towels.. Come to think of it, I bet they would tie nicely as a sarong or a cape or something else wonderful 😉

imageBottom line? I’m getting a few more of these beautiful Lulujo Turkish Towels so my family can use them as well.. I don’t want to share the two I have. One for me, and one my hair 😉

Oh, and Lulujo is a company founded by a Canadian mother. LOVE!!!

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