Meet a Mom: Meet Kleine


Meet a Mom: Meet Kleine

September 6, 2019

Mommy Connections Mississauga celebrates and recognizes all the moms in our community, the ones who are tirelessly raising the next gen of Canadians to be compassionate, smart, and fearless individuals.

Our “Meet a Mom” series continues, and this month we meet Kleine.


Hi Kleine! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Can you tell us how many children you have, and their ages?
I have an 11-month-old baby girl named Ariel.

Before becoming a mom, what did you do for life/work?
My full time job is Manager of Governance for the YMCA, working with the Board of Directors and the CEO on ensuring the organization sets high standards, and continually complies with laws and relevant regulations as we work towards fulfilling our mission and vision.

I’ve also used my maternity leave as an opportunity to build my coaching practice. I help women go from feeling anxious and held back by their financial situation, to feeling confident and clear making big life-changing decisions that come with a big financial investment and feeling excited about their future. My website is currently under construction, but the best way to connect with me and learn more is through my Instagram:

What do you like best about what you do?
As a coach, I love seeing the women I work with transform, and become open to all the possibilities and opportunities that they thought they didn’t have. My last client was terrified of asking for a raise, and experiencing a lot of anxiety around her ability to make life-changing decisions because she had a lot of student loan debt. Going through three months of coaching with me, she gained the confidence to ask for adequate compensation and got a promotion, she and her husband were able to get pre-approved for a mortgage, she opened up an investment portfolio, and was finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel to her student loans. Debt no longer had control over her life. Her future opened up and became more exciting. But the best part was that she finally realized she could create a future and the life she wants.

What is your favourite part about being a mom?
Watching my baby girl grow, learn new things, and see her personality blossom. I love discovering what she likes and doesn’t like.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge since becoming a mom?
One of the biggest challenges I found was when my baby came down with her first cold. And she just recently experienced her first fever, too. It was so hard to see her stuffed up, having a hard time breathing and eating. Using the nasal aspirator was so hard too and of course she hated it. I wasn’t able to give her any medication because there’s not much you can do for a viral infection except wait it out. What got me through it was just reminding myself that this cold, this fever, etc. was her body’s way of building up her immune system.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without as a mom?
A gratitude and meditation practice. I had a gratitude practice before I got pregnant (I used a journal called “The 5 minute journal”) where I’d write down three things every morning and evening that I was grateful for.

Once I had Ariel, I fell off my gratitude practice, but recently picked it up again, along with meditation. I find this has helped me stay grounded, calm and less overwhelmed, especially as my mat leave is nearing its end and there are some final things to prep before I got back to work and Ariel starts child care.

Favourite thing to do in your downtime?
I love listening to podcasts. I like to listen to a mix of business-related and spiritual-related ones. Currently listening to: The Get Paid podcast, Biddy Tarot podcast, and starting to listen to the Intuitive Entrepreneur podcast as well.

Current fav show on Netflix?

You joined Mommy Connections in spring 2019: What did you enjoy most about the program?
I really loved getting to know other moms and their birth stories, listening to the different experts/professionals that came in, and how all of us moms could relate to each other and how these experts/professionals could help us. I also loved the activities we did with the babies—it really sent the message that you can still do things and have fun with your baby, you just may need to adjust your expectations (like a baby yoga class…you won’t be able to do yoga during the whole time, but you will get some in, and that’s still winning).

Anything else you’d like to share with other moms in our community?
It is so important to get out with your baby, make connections with other parents and get support/help with any issues you’re having. If you’re experiencing an issue, there is a good chance another mom is experiencing it too, and so the more we openly talk about the struggles of being a mom (motherhood isn’t all sunshine and roses), the more moms will realize what is and isn’t normal (for example, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed every now and then; it’s not normal to feel overwhelmed and sad every single day) and hopefully get the help/support needed.

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