A Subscription Box For Your Baby!


A Subscription Box For Your Baby!


A Review Of This New Ottawa Business

We all know that the subscription box scene has blown up recently, and after being inundated by ads on social media, there’s FINALLY one that I am REALLY exited about: The Hygge Baby is a subscription box that’s designed to support your baby’s growth and development.  I reached out to this brand new, Ottawa-owned business to have the chance to try out one of their boxes, because I was so excited to have the opportunity to offer something fun and unique to my 2020 baby; who missed out on a lot last year!

As a new parent, there’s so much to figure out. On top of making sure baby is fed, sleeping and clean, you want to help them explore the world around them as best as possible and reach developmental milestones, but it can be so hard finding the right tools to support exactly that! I was naturally so excited that this subscription box offers products that promise to help foster my baby’s interaction with the world around him.

The Hygge Baby offers an assortment of carefully curated, Canada made items that are chosen to support the health and development of your baby. The goal of this mother-daughter team, is to help people make sound choices when if comes to shopping for a baby. I was also really impressed to see that they have a commitment to sourcing items for their boxes made by women-owned businesses.

Carson and I unpacked the box and were thrilled to find that the contents are gender neutral. I immediately thought that this could be such a beautiful gift for expectant parents. The products are also environmentally conscious, and support milestone development. With experience in occupational therapy and over 30 years in childhood education, the creators ensure that every toy is purposefully selected to promote your baby’s motor development, social development, sensory development and emotional development.

Who these boxes are for: The Hygge Baby offers you the chance to shop by age and offers boxes for 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-9 months, 10-12 months, 12-18 months & 13-15 months. 

What you get in them: Each box has between 8-10 items an include everything from wooden toys, clothes, creams and lotions. Our box contained:

    • Brochure about developmental milestones for babies aged 10 to 12 months
    • 100% Konjac Sponge
    • Montessori Solid Wood Circle Puzzles
    • Montessori Solid Wood Square and Triangle
    • Turkish Hooded Towel
    • 100% Natural Baby Lotion
    • Decorative Wooden Rainbow Hook
    • Two handmade Wooden Vintage Cars

What me and baby thought: I was extremely impressed in the quality of the design and thoughtfulness inside each box, which even came with an in-depth brochure outlining extra sensory activities you can do to promote your baby’s development. Peek-a-boo, mirror mirror on the wall and colourful spaghetti were among their suggestions, and we all know that we can sure use as many ideas as possible for engaging our little ones, while being stuck at home this winter.

My personal favourite item was the Turkish towel and the baby wash and lotion. Carson skin is extremely sensitive and he often reacts to many organic creams, but this one is gentle, smells beautiful without being overly fragrant and best of all, he has zero reaction.

Carson took to some of the items right away, his favourite being the toy wooden cars. He also loved pulling out the puzzle pieces out and throwing them — we’re still working on encouraging him to use them “properly” and the brochure outlines ways that parents can make that easier.

As a parent, I love The Hygge Baby’s approach to play, and I believe baby Carson did too. While everything was in service of encouraging skills, it was also in the belief of comfort and simplicity for your baby, and in the name of fun.

I’m so excited to be able to offer our babies something locally made that is dedicated entirely to their growth and development.

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