Halloween & Nut Allergies


Halloween & Nut Allergies

October 30, 2019

Goblins, ghosts and ghouls OH MY!

Tomorrow is Halloween and it’s awesome to drive around our city seeing the houses decorated.

A Halloween topic near and dear to my heart is food allergies! I have been anaphylactic to peanuts and allergic to tree nuts since very early childhood. From early on in my son’s life, I have explained to him that nuts can make me very sick and we cannot have them. He is my biggest advocate and likes to remind others of my allergies. So needless to say, Halloween has always been super tricky for me and now as a mom I worry about the reaction from my son when he has to get rid of half his loot or more because of the nuts. From his point of view, he works super hard for all that candy and goodies and then is told he can’t keep it all. That sucks! Yep, I’m that person that takes candy from a baby.

The past two Halloween’s just after he turned 3 and 4, we have taken him out trick or treating with some close friends of ours. Both years, everyone returns to our house for a few treats and to wind down the night. That time of night is also when my son being made to go through his bag and take out everything with nuts. Both years it’s been a surprising amount of treats with nuts where he is left with much less than half. Those nutty little chocolates go to our friends’ kids.

Seeing my son take out and match all the nut filled goodies into a giveaway pile as he keeps a close eye on what’s left, which ends up being rather meagre, is heartbreaking.

But when you place trust in kids and provide sufficient explanation to the situation, magic can happen…

Both years, my son has handed over, without question or complaint, his part of the Halloween loot he cannot have to his friends. And both years, his friends have happily gone through their own bags without demand or interference of adults and given my son replacements “because its only fair”. That is magic!

Wish me luck this year! 

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