Review: Sphero 2.0


Review: Sphero 2.0

June 12, 2014


Tech savvy children will love this cool new tech toy! Orbotix, known for their innovative tech gadgets, has created Sphero 2.0.

Controlled by your iOS or Android, Sphero 2.0 rolls seven feet per second, turns your living room into a video game with augmented reality apps and brings programming off the computer and into real life.

Kids will love to play with this robotic ball indoors and outdoors during their summer holiday.

Check out Sphero in action:

Sphero 2


Review by: Lisa


Recently my 10 year old son had the opportunity to take the Sphero 2.0 for a spin and he loves it!

The Sphero 2.0 comes with a charging cord and base, 2 ramps, a protective cover for Sphero1 Sphero and of course Sphero 2.0.

It was easy to set up, after charging it for 3 hours we downloaded the Sphero app (my son used his iPod touch) connected it to blue tooth and then the FUN began!

At first its a little tricky to maneuver the ball using the device but it gets easier the more you play.

There are quite a few games to download and play, my son has played Sphero Golf, Sharky Exile, Marco lab, and colour grab.

Colour grab is a great game for 2 players, we played many games and he even took his Sphero 2.0 to Grandmas house and they also played the Colour grab game. Honestly  my son prefers to just drive his Sphero 2 around the house.

Sphero2I love that the Sphero 2.0 is compatible with iOS and android systems.

This is a fun toy for the tech lover and definitely geared to children 8 and up, my 10 year old absolutely loves it , my teens even like to play with Sphero 2.0

Thanks to Mommy Connections for the opportunity to test and review a Sphero 2.0, my family loves it!

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