Review: Munchkin LATCH


Review: Munchkin LATCH

October 28, 2014

Its Love at First Latch!


Our friends at Munchkin are thrilled to announce the launch of their new bottle line, LATCH™! The LATCH bottle line was designed to help new moms reach their breastfeeding goals by making the transition from breast to bottle seamless. The LATCH nipple features a breakthrough 360° accordion-style nipple that moves, stretches and pumps, and an anti-colic valve that ensures air bubbles do not pass through the breast milk.

LATCH bottles are available in a variety of pack sizes. Also available are 3 nipple stages, cleaning accessories, pacifiers and clips, and gift sets. LATCH bottles are now available in-store @ Wal-mart, online @ & coming to a Babies R Us store near you in September! Learn more about this great product line @




I had tried a number of different bottles with my 10 month old (Philips Avent, Playtex, Dr. Brown’s and Born Free) and he absolutely hated all of them with the exception of Nuk, which he begrudgingly drank from. And by drink, I mean drink a tiny bit, then chew and squeeze the nipple so that milk sprayed everywhere. It’s only been in the last month that he can actually finish a bottle of milk (sans spraying), but it’s still a fairly messy affair. Long story short: I’m always on the lookout for a new bottle that my son can enjoy. Overall, my feelings about the Munchkin Latch bottle are overwhelmingly positive.

I really liked the look and feel of the bottle: the size and shape make it easy to clean, fill and hold. My baby can hold his bottle and feed himself – something he has never been able to do with any bottle. The best part was the nipple itself – large, pliable and very soft. My son prefers a soft nipple (which is why we settled on Nuk originally), and he had no difficulty latching on and drinking from this one. He even managed to drink without getting milk all over his chin and chest. He also seemed to have less gas after drinking from this bottle.

The only downside was that every time he drank from this bottle, he would take a couple of ounces, then refuse to finish the remaining milk. I would have to pour his milk back into his 10 oz Nuk bottle in order for him to finish his feed. I believe he found the flow of the nipple to be too slow, and would therefore become bored with the entire process. It’s possible a faster flow (stage 2 or 3) would be better for a baby my son’s age. ~ Jennifer Idems


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