The Magic of Playmobil


The Magic of Playmobil

November 6, 2014

The moms and tots in our West Toronto program had a wonderful time exploring the magic of Playmobil!


Each child was able to unwrap a package of toys and we spread them all out over the floor for them to create new scenes using their imaginations. The toy airplane and fire truck were this group’s favourites.  IMG_3133

The animals were the perfect size for little hands to play with.  Both the moms and the tots loved the surprise of opening a mystery toy set.  We turned it into a friendly game where anyone finding a matching set with another child won a door prize.

There was lot’s of reminiscing amongst the moms, discussing their fond memories of playing with Playmobil as a child.


In Caledon, our first annual Halloween Party was held at the infamous Downey’s Family Farm!


With the purchase of a ticket, families were able to enjoy the farm’s Pumpkinfest activities before venturing into the barn-like party room above the market, for an exclusive Mommy Connections Halloween Party.  The room was filled with kids of all ages ranging from 6 weeks to 6 years, boys and girls, moms and dads, dressed up in their Halloween Costumes. Joy and excitement filled the room.

The Playmobil toys were set up on a table in the corner of the room, to allow the kids the opportunity to play with them whenever they wish. For a short two hours there was so much to do at the party, a true Wonderland for the kids. There was face painting, pumpkin decorating, a music entertainer, dancing and colouring.

1956839_715999215153826_1125180840320815145_oWith so many activities competing for their attention, whenever our eyes glanced over to the Playmobil table, there were always a few little creative minds at work. Their imaginations ran wild, inventing characters and stories behind each of the toys. Each child played with the toys in their own way. The older boys (approx. 5 years) loved playing with the Fire Station, driving the car through the levels, and landing the airplane with its pilot “Michel Angelo” on the roof. The little ones (approx. 2 years) made noises when they picked up each of the animals; “oink oink said the pig”, and the super super little ones (8 months) hung on tightly when they were able to grab one that fell off the table, enjoying the shape of what they held and eyeing the beautiful colours.


As expected with any party (with cupcakes too of course), there was a bit of over excitement. This could have inevitably resulted in a meltdown, but it was soon avoided by walking to the Playmobil table and the child would slowly calm down.  Attention directed at the miniature creatures and shifting the emotions from frustration to play.


At the end of the party, one mom got packed up to get ready to leave, and couldn’t find her daughter right away. Her eyes naturally drifted towards the Playmobil table, and there she was sitting quietly playing with the farm animals.  She turned to us and said “I guess I know what Santa is getting us for Christmas”.


Playmobil toys are truly a toy for all ages, boy or girl. It is a safe and durable toy that will last a few years as your child grows though the various stages of development.  A gift that is sure to be under many Christmas trees this Holiday season.


Thank You Playmobil


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