The 3 Things You Need To Know For A Happy Pregnancy!


The 3 Things You Need To Know For A Happy Pregnancy!

January 20, 2015

Written by: Lisa Coffey

“You never understand life until it grows inside of you.”

I’d like to start off by first congratulating all the new moms-to-be! Pregnancy is a wondrous thing, and can completely change the meaning of your life. The act of giving birth to another being and to know that the little bundle of joy you hold in your womb is actually a part of you and your significant other. It is a feeling that cannot be explained fully by mere words.

Pregnancy is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed! You should spend your time bossing people around, and not worrying or fretting over things you have no control. This article is meant to help those of you who’ve never been pregnant before and have realized that it isn’t quite as easy as it looks.

In recent years I’ve come to realize that the internet has done little to help new preggers relax, bloggers throw in words like “studies have shown” and “experts agree” to make you avoid things that may have had little effect on the baby but which definitely make your way of living a lot more difficult. And if you happen to question this advice or demand to see the link to this mysterious study, they respond with the ever popular “Do it, just to be safe”. I write this article with all the positivity that I can muster and do so in hope of vanquishing some of those dark thoughts that cross a pregnant woman every now and then. I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable.Cover Image

Without any further ado:

Let the cravings flow

All pregnant women know that in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is an absolute must. You want to focus on fruits and vegetables as these wonderful creations of nature are exceptionally beneficial. Pregnant women should stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and raw foods.

Okay maybe that’s a little too harsh. The truth is if you exercise moderation in the above mentioned things, your baby will be healthy. Like alcohol for example, you can have a couple of glasses of wine a week. Trust me, a glass of nice wine once a week will take you a long way!

And caffeine, I know that many people simply can’t do without their daily cup. And guess what! A cup a day will not hurt you’re your baby’s development at all, and you can go as far as two cups. But I suggest having just one.

And finally onto raw foods, in all honesty raw foods are never a good idea. So definitely avoid those, but if you take a few precautions you can even have those. Yes, I’m talking about the ever delicious deli meats! Want to have a hot dog? No problem! All you need to do is heat it until you can small wisps of steam coming off it. And that’s that, your hot dog is now safe to eat.

Dieting is something you should definitely avoid during pregnancy! Eat your fill and don’t worry about putting on weight. Eat whenever you feel hungry, and if you can’t help but count the calories, then go for smaller portions.

Little exercises

Working out during your pregnancy is advised by most physicians as it is beneficial for you and your baby,  however it is important to talk to your doctor beforehand as you may have a specific medical condition that may make it unsafe for you to exercise. Some physicians have gone so far as to suggest that working out during pregnancy may actually result in an easier labor, but there are no conclusive studies about the topic.

But it’s always healthy to work out. There are precautions you must take however, as there are a few exercises that may be dangerous, for example any exercise that requires you to lie flat on your back is definitely a no – no. Why? Because the position puts some serious weight on important blood vessels and can therefore lead to complications.

Yoga and tai chi are things you should be looking into. Not only are these great for the body but tai chi will help you understand your changing centre of balance, which can really prevent some clumsiness.

But most important of all, exercise releases “happy” chemicals into your body. And honestly you need all the happy you can get, those hormone imbalances are no joke!

There are some great sources on the internet for finding a safe routine but if you don’t feel safe with the internet, consult your gynecologist. He/she will definitely help.


Positive thinking

I have always found this the most important part of any pregnancy! An optimist can never go wrong. During pregnancy, the change in the biology of your body can really affect your behavior and not in a good way, as those hormones rampage through your body! It’s said that at least one in every ten women suffers from bouts of depression.

I feel that the pregnancy should be the happiest time in any woman’s life! But I understand why some us may feel differently, having a baby on the way can really put some things into perspective, and not always in a good way. But what you ought to focus on are the positive things that surround yourself with.

Some say that every activity an expecting mother does have an effect on the unborn child. And this may be true to some extent, especially for how you feel during pregnancy. Depression causes your brain to release some seriously nasty chemicals like Cortisol – the stress hormone. Studies with rats have shown that an offspring born to a mother whose cortisol level during pregnancy was higher than normal tended to be more prone to stress along with other behavioral differences.

This means that you as a mother need to try and avoid getting overstressed or over worked. Take the time to do things you want to do, and surround yourself with people who love and cherish you. And maybe even spend some time meditating! Enjoy your pregnancy because it is meant to be a celebration!

Hope you enjoyed the article!


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As a clinician with years of medical experience, Lisa Coffey entrusts a leading approach to maternity active wear design, fusing her knowledge as a Women’s Health specialist, awareness of current design trends and her unique style. With the introduction of Mommyliciousmaternity, the needs of the prenatal body are embraced throughout the pregnancy.

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