Epidurals or Natural birth? A modern mother dilemma


Epidurals or Natural birth? A modern mother dilemma

February 23, 2015

Written by: Lisa Coffey

When I stopped seeing my mother with the eyes of a child, I saw the woman who helped me give birth to myself – Nancy Friday

Epidurals or Natural Birth – The dichotomy between these had been established since the past three decades and is being readily accepted by both moms as well as various birth experts. Now it’s a modern mother dilemma as to whether she opts for ‘Natural Birth’ or to go for the medicalized painless epidural route.Epidural Blog

So did you have a natural birth? A woman after her childbirth would most commonly be asked whether she opted for epidurals or not. I personally consider that the ‘Natural Birth’ concept is so ambiguous that while a new mum formally prepares for it; she might deliver unplanned and could be an informal medicalized birth.
So, there’s nothing innate about the process of child birth, thus the ‘Natural Birth’ concept by itself poses a dilemma to all modern women. Of course, to give birth is a natural course of species recreation on the planet, but as an event or an occurrence in the modern western women’s life, there’s nothing ‘Natural’ regarding giving birth.
Usually, the term ‘Natural Birth’ is associated with healthy vaginal delivery. However, what’s been referred to as a ‘Natural Birth’ is gradually becoming rare as a result of the dilemma which the term ‘Natural’ poses while describing child birth.
Most women might think that they won’t be emotionally attached to their babies because of the Epidurals. But that’s not true at all! The truth is, nobody can predict birth and it’s not possible to plan it. The truth is – the delivery process should be safer for both the baby as well as the mother.
Now most women are unaware of, when they think about ‘Natural Birth’, that it’s something which happens only spontaneously without any human investment and thus requires no advance training or deliberate commitment. Ironically, many expectant moms nowadays ought to have a detailed and profound homework in case they wish to give the so called ‘Natural Birth’ in a healthy vaginal manner. The entire process requires a though physical, emotional and mental performance from her side in such a way which is poles apart from her daily life events.
So all those mums who are adamant about delivering in a healthy vaginal way, they need a lot of practice and preparation. They need to be coached. And this is where a birth coach comes handy. A birth coach would prepare an expectant mom about the healthy birth performance.
Healthy birth coaching is way different than various other options such as Childbirth classes. These classes are good places to learn about birth and having fun but as far as giving birth is concerned these leave quite little or no time to practice. And hiring a doula could also be a good option but they are also considered just as a supportive figure only and not as a coach. They’re not trained with coaching techniques and skills.
And if we agree that the entire birth process requires a tough physical, emotional and mental performance from her side in such a way which is poles apart from her daily life events, then we must all agree to the contribution of a birth coach on the way to achieve healthy vaginal birth.
Why Am I suggesting this? I myself had availed such service and though initially I was skeptical about giving a healthy vaginal birth, healthy birth coaching immensely helped me out. And I recommend all my fellow sisters who are expecting babies sooner, to hire a birth coach in case if you’re opting for the so called ‘Natural Birth’ as they assist you in:

  • Facilitating transparency: It is vital for preg-mums to be very clear regarding her vision, her wishes and form an affirmative opinion about healthy birth. And this can be effectively achieved with perfect coaching interactions and affirmative suggestions.
  • Informing: Providing information to preg-mums assist in reducing concerns and fears. Coaches also help in distinguishing facts from myths and doubts from realism utilizing resources, knowledge as well as self empowerment.
  • Regular Practice: Coaches would teach you various labor support practices such as breathing, positions, relaxation, visualization and much more. Preg-mums are required to practice these labor support exercises as much as possible which will enable them to habitually respond to labor birth.
  • Coaching all through the labor: Birth coach will definitely and positively coach the preg-mums all through the birth.

We genuinely believe that the article will certainly help all the new would-be-mums in clearing all their doubts regarding whether to opt for ‘Natural birth’ or Epidurals and to consider ‘Natural birth’ as a performance and not just as spontaneity. Wish you all Happy Motherhood!
Bio – As a clinician with years of medical experience, Lisa Coffey entrusts a leading approach to maternity active wear design, fusing her knowledge as a Women’s Health specialist, awareness of current design trends and her unique style. With the introduction of Mommyliciousmaternity, the needs of the prenatal body are embraced throughout the pregnancy.

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