Review: Cloud B Cosmic UFO


Review: Cloud B Cosmic UFO

March 23, 2015

Cosmic UFO brings an out-of-this-world experience that helps kids smoothly transition from play time to sleep time. It combines both sight and sound features with moving projections of the colourful Northern Lights and fun UFO noises to create an intergalactic atmosphere, transforming any child’s room into a personalized planetarium! When it is time to play, the UFO has three fun light sequences and a motion sensor that triggers “engine” sounds when the UFO is tilted. When it is time to sleep, select one of two soothing sounds and the UFO projects a moving Northern Lights effect. The brightness and movement settings can be adjusted to customize the experience in any room, while the 23-minute timer offers a convenient way to ensure complete darkness and silence during children’s deep sleep as recommended by pediatricians.

Cosmic UFO features:

  • Projects multicoulored Aurora Borealis effect
  • UFO “windows” light up in 3 different sequences
  • Motion sensor triggers UFO flying sounds
  • Plays 2 soothing sounds: Symphony 51 & Warp Drive
  • Adjustable volume
  • Auto shut-off
  • Adjustable settings for brightness and movement create a fully controllable experience

IMG_2388“Sleep!  It’s the things that you hear parents talk about a lot!  From the beginning you wish your newborn will give you a long enough sleep stretch to feel rested, then they climb out of their crib and you move them to a toddler bed and they no longer stay in the room – each stage has its challenges!  Regardless, we’ve always had rather good sleepers, however my 4 year old has recently not wanted to sleep at night, so the Cloud B Cosmic UFO came at the perfect time!


She had been learning about planets and space at daycare so she was excited to get it out of the box and play with it.  She pushed the buttons and was amazed with the 3 different light sequences.  “Look at different patterns!” she said.  She moved it around, simulating a ufo flying, and wow!  It started to make flying sounds as she “flew” it around the room.  She had fun playing with her younger sister with this when they were in a “rocket ship to the moon”.  It was also the favorite at daycare during that weeks show and share!


That first night when it was time to go to bed and I told her she could sleep with it she was happy – she could keep it in bed if she promised not to come out.  We got her tucked in bed and turned off the lights.  After she pushed the button, we saw an impressive display of light on ceiling – the Northern Lights!  The colours swirled and danced and as she pushed the buttons some more and on came one of 2 soothing sounds.  She exclaimed “it’s like my sheep!” – remembering her Cloud B Sleep Sheep she used when she was younger. It was nice that there was an adjustable volume, that way I could adjust it down from our daytime play.  I asked her if I could leave her with the UFO to go to bed and she said yes.  I could hear her playing with the buttons for a few minutes and then it went quiet – she was asleep!  The convenient 23 minute sleep timer was handy as I didn’t need to go in and risk waking her to turn off the toy.  The next morning she was excited to play again with her new UFO toy.

The Cloud B Cosmic UFO is an out of this world experience from playtime to bedtime!  The many different light and sound patterns gave my daughter a lot of play options during the day but the same things also helped to her to sleep at night.  And it allowed me to have a full nights sleep too – which makes it a toy she can play with anytime she wants day or night!” ~ Leanne Bramm

The Cloub B Cosmic UFO retails for $64.99 at

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