Things to Keep In Mind When Cleaning Up A Closet (While Pregnant)


Things to Keep In Mind When Cleaning Up A Closet (While Pregnant)

May 28, 2015

Written by: @nika_kask

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in every woman’s life (or, every parent’s life, better). However, if we are to be honest – there is a lot of stress, too. There is so much going on so quick that, before you know it, your little bundle of joy is with you and there is plenty of stuff you didn’t get to do.Cleaning out the closet

This is why the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is take care of most things while still pregnant, stuff like pre-baby shopping for baby “equipment”, baby nursery decorations, getting rid of the unnecessary stuff from your closet to make room for new stuff you’ll buy after giving birth, etc.
Speaking of getting rid of clothes you don’t need and potentially having doubts to do it at all, you should know that clothes that don’t fit you anymore would do someone else a great favor .
Every woman gets sentimental when it comes to getting rid of her old stuff but remember – out with the old, in with the new is the best possible mantra you can have both about life and clothes! So, let’s dive into that pile of stuff to see what can be done!
Think it out
First, these are some of the most important questions to ask yourself when embarking on a journey of cleaning out your closet:
1. Does this fit me?
2. Will I ever wear this again?
3. Does anyone wear stuff like this anymore?
4. Does it have a sentimental value?
5. Was it a dear gift and is it worth the keep?
6. Does it even look good on me?

These and similar questions should be the beginning of this interesting journey.

Cleaning out the closet while pregnantDecisions, decisions, decisions!
After having thought well about the clothes you have in your closet and deciding on what to throw away and what to keep, know it’s perfectly fine to be sentimentally drawn to certain pieces. People tend to get attached to things not because of the things alone but because of the memories they bring within. For instance, if that old sweater is something you’ll never again wear in public, it doesn’t fit as good as it did before but you wore it the day you met your hubby and it comforts you, keep it. Just, don’t find the excuse for each item – it’s pointless!
Donation pile
Most people out there would tell you spending money on clothes in these difficult times is just wrong. But, needs musts and all that say differently. Sometimes, no matter how obsolete it seems to go on a shopping spree, it’s because you really need new clothes. For instance, your sister’s getting married or you have gotten a promotion and you want to look for your first day as CEO. Or – in your case, you are pregnant and none of the stuff fits. So, to minimize the “damage” decide to donate clothes you no longer need. Getting rid of those maybe too comfortable maternity jeans once you give birth is a good motivation to lose that baby bump. Send it to any of the charities (we’d recommend opting for your local one), to Red Cross or give them to your friend/cousin who happens to adore your style.
Be smart about your choices
Now that you are all about maternity clothes and you’ve gave our suggestions from section 1 some thought, it’s time you get wise with what your next purchase is going to be. Don’t buy new clothes because you think they’ll fit. Buy them once they actually fit. Your body will need some adapting so don’t be its worst enemy and put it under pressure. Give the whole process time!

Well, dear moms to be, we wish you all the happiness as parent! As for clothes, remember – you are gorgeous no matter what you put on!

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