What It Means To Be A Traveling Mom


What It Means To Be A Traveling Mom

June 10, 2015

Written by: @nika_kask

When you are single mom with a full time job, things can get a little demanding. Well, a lot more than “a little” but I am all about women power and managing it all even if it means going to business trips with the baby on my arm.

Honestly, I don’t even think things have to do with being a single mom or not. Most things regarding babies come down to mothers’ expertise of multitasking anyways, as I am sure you already know the drill. But that’s fine. Nothing we can’t handle.1

I went back to work only three months after I’ve given birth to my baby boy. And honestly, this had nothing to do with tough love or getting into a role of a powerful woman who doesn’t need time to heal and be with her child. It was more about knowing that if I don’t get back in the saddle right away, there’ll be no one to take care of the two of us.

Luckily for me our firm has a nursery section which makes it possible for me to go to my baby, see him from time to time, breastfeed and everything else he needs.

My job revolves around a lot of traveling around the country. Business deals wait for no one, so – as a true professional, I deal with things the best I can. And – I always bring my baby boy with me. Since I have to work, I’ll take any chance to be with my son! The briefcase in one hand and my baby on my arm, it’s how it is. It does sound exhausting but you get used to it in time.

The thing with babies, and I am sure you are well aware of it yourselves, is they can’t be bribed or made into doing anything. What they want to and when they want to, they’ll do it. And if that means “going” in the middle of nowhere, it means going in the middle of nowhere!2

Thankfully, nowadays there is plenty of baby equipment that comes in handy in situations like these – baby wipes, crèmes, dry wipes, anti-septic tissues, etc. Do you ever leave your home without them?

When you travel a lot, you absolutely need to have a baby seat. Your baby needs to sit steady so his spine and head don’t get hurt. Plus, if he feels like falling asleep, he can do it safely in his baby seat while you can work on your brief in the meantime.

Just a few months before going into labor my best friend threw me a baby shower and a got plenty of useful gifts that I take with me whenever I have to go on a business trip. Pardon, whenever WE have to go on a business trip. Diaper Genie is by far one of the best things in the world for a traveling mom! Also, I never dare hit the road without his Bugaboo Cameleon, he adores lying in that thing. Whenever I am in a meeting I ask one of the colleagues to take him for a stroll outside so he isn’t bored. Great thing about Bugaboo is that it comes with an extra bag which is cool because I can put some of my stuff in there! I mean, I know traveling with a child is like organizing an excursion each time but at least I am not missing out on his childhood.

For all of you new moms out there, I want to say – you can do it! Keep doing what you are doing and you’ll make it. Managing traveling, work and your baby is possible, I promise!


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