#FordSeatSafety – Buckle Up Safely with Ford event


#FordSeatSafety – Buckle Up Safely with Ford event

September 24, 2015

We were invited to attend an event at The Telus World of Science a few days ago that was hosted by Ford and Pumpkin PR.  What a great event to meet and catch up with other Edmonton bloggers as well as learn from a leader in automotive safety.  Ford brought in one of their car seat safety experts straight from Deerborn, Michigan and she was fantastic!  So knowledgeable about all the stages of car seats, as well as with all of the Ford models.

We were invited to bring our kids to the event, which was great!  There were two ‘mini-Ford’s’ that the kids loved driving around before the event.  Two lucky mom-bloggers went home with them as well!  Ford is really trying to encourage driving safety by building awareness of buckling up safely through all the stages of having a family – pregnancy right through to big kids.



At the event, we all learned some common errors and important tips.

  1. Read the owner manuals – both vehicle and car sea
  2. Make sure restraints and harnesses are used properly – not loose, harness position
  3. New technology can make for a safer ride – Ford inflatable safety belt
    • This is Ford’s patented inflatable safety belt that combines technology of an air bag with a safety belt
    • The inflatable safety belt is available to reduce head, neck and chest injuries for rear-seat passengers, often children who are vulnerable to such injuries.
    • During a crash the inflatable belt helps to distribute crash forces across more of a passenger’s torso than a traditional belt – up to five times more reducing pressure on the passenger’s chest and helps control head and neck motion
  4.  Don’t forget to lock the vehicle safety belt, if used
  5. Always make sure your child is secured properly in a device that is appropriate for their height, age and weight

Safety Tips

I think it was important to note how much car seat safety has changed over the years.  A few of the bloggers present had older kids and they were really surprised by some of the safety tips we learned such as remove bulky jackets (even in winter!) as they will compress in a collision causing the restraints to loosen.  They were also shocked at how long kids are supposed to be in some sort of car seat (even booster seat)  With the high rates of speed and the longer distances we are travelling by car, it is imperative that we educate parents on car seat and vehicle safety.


We also learned about Inflatable Safety Belts, which are available on the the Ford Fusion, Ford Explorer, Ford Flex, F-150, Lincoln MKT and Lincoln MKZ, and the all-new 2015 Ford Edge. During a crash, the inflatable belt helps distribute crash forces across more of a passenger’s torso than a traditional belt – up to five times more. Spreading the pressure over a larger area helps reduce pressure on the passenger’s chest, and helps control head and neck motion.  Ford’s patented inflatable safety belt is designed to help reduce head, neck and chest injuries for rear-seat passengers, often children and older passengers who can be more vulnerable to such injuries.  Inflatable seat belts are compatible with child car seats and boosters – always refer to the child car seat or booster seat manufacturer’s instructions.

Image of inflatable Buckle

This was all such amazing information – how could you not want to know everything possible to protect these little blessings?!


I have been reviewing Ford vehicles for more than 4 years now and I am very impressed at their commitment to both safety and technology. It is always a pleasure to work with Ford and attend any of their great events.


Looking forward to the next one, Ford!


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