Kids Clothes: Invest in Essentials – Save on Small Things


Kids Clothes: Invest in Essentials – Save on Small Things

September 28, 2015

Written by: Roxana Oliver


The National Retail Federation conducted a survey about the back-to-school expenses every parent has sometime around August. In 2014, the average amount of money spent on back-to-school clothes for kids was around $231 (National Retail Federation, July, 2014). Approximately, the same amount of money was spent on the shoes as well. However, parents whose kids haven’t reached school age also spend astounding amounts of money on clothes that kids grow out of very quickly.

There are things that you can save money on and there are things where quality comes first, and with a price. Here is a quick and easy guide on when to save and when to splurge.

Timing is Everything


Good timing can save you a lot of money when buying children’s clothes. You should definitely inform yourself about all the seasonal sales in your neighborhood and the malls you visit. This means that you will have to plan ahead and buy for the next year as well. During late winter months, sweaters and jackets can be found at a bargain.

Garage Sales

Keep an eye out for ads and invitations to local garage sales. These usually have some secondhand clothes on offer, but all of them washed, ironed and ready for a new child to grow into them. While you can get them at some really low prices, you will be able to find some very good pieces, too. Moreover, you can always organize a garage sale of your own, get rid of the outfits your kids are finished with, and invest that money into new clothes for your kids.


Second Hand Stores

Not all people love the idea of buying things in second hand stores. However, these places are perfect for finding items that will not be put to everyday use. This includes clothes and equipment for school play costumes, fancy outfits for boys and girls and similar things that can cost a lot when new, but are not likely to be worn more than twice.

Smart Color Choices

If you have more than one kid, then you might want to consider making some smart color choices to ensure easier hand-me-downs. Gender-specific color rules are torn down every day, making the whole palette gender-neutral, but your kids may not want to wear sparkly pink shirts with lace and colorful beads or sweatpants with toy truck prints. With some basic colors and neutral prints, you will ensure that the young ones are fine with the clothes they get from their older siblings.

Clothes Exchange

You are not alone in your crusade to dress your kids without spending a small fortune. Other parents go through the same struggle and they organize various clothes swaps and exchanges. Sites like allow you to swap, sell and buy clothes from parents in the same situation as you. With some smart management, this is a perfect way to save on kids’ clothes.

Things to Splurge On

The items that usually cost the most are jackets and shoes. However, by swapping and using second hand stores, you can find some high quality pieces at discount prices. But keep in mind that underwear and socks should be new, never-used and of the best possible quality. Also, don’t be too quick to buy shoes just because the price is fine. Quality should be your top priority. It is very important that your child has shoes that will allow them to walk properly and for provide room for their feet to develop without any problems.


Every mother will tell you that their kids outgrow their clothes in the blink of an eye. As soon as you turn your back on them, they are a bit taller, a bit bigger and their feet are a big larger. Therefore, try to use these handy tips to get your hands on some quality kids’ clothes, and keep expenses where they absolutely have to be. Splurge on family time, not material goods!

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