Review: Nudge Macaroni


Review: Nudge Macaroni

October 5, 2015

Nudge specialize in providing Canadians a variety of Grass Fed products that the whole family can enjoy, including Rolling Meadow Dairy and Life Choices Natural Foods.  Grass Fed practices are better for the cows, the environment and your health!

Nudge over KD because their Mac and Cheese not only tastes great, but it meets the high standards that you have for the food you bring into your home.  The Nudge mission is to provide families with kid friendly foods with high quality ingredients including Grass Fed Cheese, Organic Pasta and Gluten Free Pasta.  All of their Mac and Cheese is non-GMO and free of artificial colors and flavors.  Sometimes change is easy and sometimes you just need a little nudge.

• Organic Orange Cheddar Elbows with GrassFed Cheese
• Organic Orange Cheddar Whole Wheat with Flax Elbows with GrassFed Cheese
• Organic White Cheddar Shells with GrassFed Cheese
• Gluten Free White Cheddar Shells

What makes us different? Our clean ingredient deck sets us apart from our competitors, and we’re pretty excited about it!


Macaroni and Cheese with Flax

We tried out a new brand of Mac and Cheese as we are always looking for healthy options to replace KD. We received a couple boxes to try of Nudgefoods macaroni & cheese from Mommy Connection and we gave one a try today. 3 of 4 kids loved it and asked for seconds! It’s made with whole wheat pasta and flax. I liked it. The noodles were firm and didn’t get mushy. It also had a great nutty flavour from the flax. I would like a bit of a stronger cheese flavor (I think that is what my 1 of 4 wanted, more cheese sauce). My son said it tasted like buttery popcorn. I love his description.
We can’t wait to try the other one.

Shell shaped macaroni and cheese (white cheddar)

We tried out the Macaroni and cheese shell shaped noodles with the white cheddar cheese sauce.  All four kids really liked this one. This one had a great noodle texture and there was only a little bit left after the kids ate their lunch.  Definitely a new favourite! We love our cheese sauce so would definitely love a bit of a stronger cheese flavour.Nudge Foods

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