Exotic family vacation


Exotic family vacation

October 19, 2015

Written by: @GabDiesendorf

No matter if your kids are still small and will probably not remember the visit (but the pictures and your memories stay, though), or if they are old enough to go on holiday with their friends  separately – opting for a family trip is always the best choice.

The advantages are numerous, so for example the costs for a four-member family will be lower than a one-person accommodation and travel costs (times four, of course). Additionally, holidays are the best way of spending quality time with your family, so if you have kids and would like to teach them about new cultures and spend some time and enjoy your stay, keep reading and find out what exotic places to visit on your next family holiday.


Top European destinations

If you have never been to Europe, Paris should be your first stop. Being the biggest human-made wonder of its time, the Eiffel Tower is one of the things your children will love seeing (and climbing its 704 steps, if they are in the condition). Besides that, you can visit Disneyland, which the kids will surely adore you for.

Another great European destination is Norway – besides being a refreshment due to its cool climate, it is a home of one of the greatest natural wonders on the Earth – the aurora borealis phenomenon, or the dance of light in the night sky from which your kids can learn a lot about the nature. And, if your kids are fans of Frozen – you are definitely going to make them worship you for taking them there.

African safari adventure

Africa is a place where kids can learn a lot about animals and the ecosystem. Since it is one of the most beautiful continents and the home of many animals they can see only in a zoo at home, you should definitely consider taking them on an African safari adventure, where they can see zebra, giraffe, rhino, lions and many other animals and birds firsthand, in their natural, unconfined surroundings.

The best thing about this destination is that you usually stay in cheap bungalows, which are great for families, big and small. The only thing you need to do with your kids is to practice being silent – so as not to startle the animals in their natural habitat, and bring a lot of insecticides to defend yourselves from mosquitoes.


Barefoot cruise

Sea adventure can never be boring, so if you see your kids have a special need for salty water – visiting the Caribbean on a family cruise is the right choice for you. Even though this endeavor can be a bit pricey, if you can afford it, you are sure not going to regret it. No matter if you make a reservation on a bigger boat, or rent a smaller one for your family only, you will definitely enjoy spending days swimming or fishing out in the open sea. And who knows – maybe you discover a secret island, lagoon, or a beautiful (almost secret) white sand beach that will stay carved in your memory forever.

Head East this year

The majority of recommendations for this year say that going East is the best choice. The length of the flight will probably have something to do with your permanent residence, especially since your kids might take jet lag a bit stronger than you, so going safe can be the solution for your family. Destinations such as Thailand’s Bangkok, or Sri Lanka and Bali can be your next on the list, but considering the fact that you can easily book family-friendly hotels in Tahiti online – you probably know by now what to do.

As you can see, there are many great destinations in the world you can visit with your family. Make a thorough investigation before you start your journey, and do not forget to enjoy every moment.

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