10 Brilliant Tips for Bonding with your Unborn Child


10 Brilliant Tips for Bonding with your Unborn Child

March 15, 2016

As mom to be, you’ll no doubt want the best relationship with your child. You can get a head start by bonding with your child while they’re in the womb. Here are 10 brilliant ways to enhance that precious baby and mommy connection before your bundle of joy arrives.


Talk or sing to your baby, or both!

As your baby’s hearing is constantly developing, around about 23 weeks they’ll be able to hear your voice and the sounds of the world around them, as well as the sound of your heartbeat and stomach. This helps the baby to bond with you before they’re born, so talk or sing to your baby while they’re in the womb. They may even learn to love your voice more than anyone else’s.

Touch and massage your bump

According to research, babies can distinguish between the touch of their parents on the bump and that of a stranger from about 20 weeks on. Whether you’re just resting your hand on the bump or stroking or massaging it, you’re starting to create a bond with your child already. Do so regularly to strengthen this bond.

Try yoga

You can use yoga to help you to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. This also benefits your baby by having a calming effect on the unborn child. The endorphins released by the exercise will cross the placenta, allowing the child to experience some of the pleasure from the exercise too.

Respond to the baby’s kicks

Your baby only has one way of communicating with you while in the womb: kicks! So when baby kicks, take the time to communicate back with a little nudge or rub on your stomach. Baby may kick back again — how exciting!

Go swimming

This is simply an opportunity to identify with how your baby might be feeling while they’re in the womb. After all, they’re surrounded by water. Naturally, this is a way to exercise during your pregnancy and the support of the water provides you with a little relief in the later stages of it.


You’ll be so busy looking for baby clothes, getting baby’s room ready, etc. that you’ll probably forget to slow down. Don’t! Take some time out just to focus on your pregnancy. Sit and thank about the developing baby. Combine this with a walk or a soothing bath if it helps.

Keep a scan of the baby nearby

The scan is a constant reminder of the little person growing inside you and helps you to visualize the baby’s development. You can take scans of the baby at 10 to 13 weeks and 18 to 20 weeks. You may even wish to take a 3D scan at 20 to 26 weeks, but this might have to be done privately.

Involve dad

Don’t leave dad out of the picture. Place your partner’s hand on your stomach so that baby can bond with dad too. Maybe he can read a short story book to the baby. All this interaction strengthens both your relationship with your partner and dad’s relationship with the baby.


Hold a blessingway

A blessingway is a bit like a baby shower, but without all the gifts. It’s just a simple gathering of friends sharing stories and nurturing the mother-to-be. This gathering is both reassuring and empowering.

Keep a pregnancy journal

This is a way to help you to focus on the pregnancy. The trick is to be honest about what you’re feeling physically and mentally, whether good or bad. It will help you to identify any anxieties and what may be causing them, as well as to take necessary steps to cope with it.

These are just a few tips for bonding with your unborn child for a happier pregnancy and parenthood. You can find extra tips on enjoying a healthy pregnancy in this maternity calendar, which is full of useful advice. Three cheers for the mother-to-be!

Images by vichomunozfotos and JodyDigger, used under Creative Commons license

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