Clorox Toilet Cleaning Magic!


Clorox Toilet Cleaning Magic!

March 24, 2016

Dearest Germaphobes,


The Clorox® team wants to share their amazing Toilet Wand.  We like to think of it as Mommy’s magic wand (or maybe it’s Daddy’s, in your house!)  Say hello to their mad stroke of genius, your secret weapon in that never ending fight against the grimy germs of the soon-to-be past.

Presenting: the Clorox® Disinfecting ToiletWand® Toilet Cleaning System & Refills, a modern and mess-free bathroom essential that cleans what other brushes leave behind. The system comes with one ToiletWand® handle and six disposable, disinfecting cleaning head refills, preloaded with Clorox® toilet bowl cleaner that powers through tough stains and kills 99% of germs and bacteria. The spongy head conforms to surfaces and scrubs hard to reach places, even under the rim. Plus, the kit contains a streamlined storage caddy that you won’t feel the need to keep it out of sight (like of all those germloving weirdos with their boring toilet brushes).

We had a group of moms try out the Clorox® Toilet Wand.  Here is what they had to say about it!

Edmonton Mom of 3 says:

The wand was very easy to assemble; snap base onto caddy body, drop the cleaning heads into the caddy and then rest the wand in it’s little holder.  No more yucky toilet brush next to the toilet (if you are brave enough to store it there, that is!)  Both the wand and the caddy stay nice and clean because everything is dry and sanitary.  When you want to (want is probably a strong word!) – when you NEED to clean the toilet, just grab the wand, open the lid of the caddy, push the handle straight down onto the cleaning disk until it clicks into place.  The little disk get’s really sudsy when it’s wet.  I actually used 1 head to clean all 4 toilets.  I just carried it over a paper towel so it didn’t trip and also pushed it against the bowl lightly to get out any excess water.  It still had tons of cleaning power after I was finished with the fourth toilet.  I really like how the cleaning head is nice and flat.  Unlike round toilet brushes, you are able to get into the rim to get rid of any water stains or grime.  I usually have to use rubber gloves and a sponge (gross!) every few months to try and reach that teeny space where the bowl meets the rim and even then I find I can’t get it totally clean.  The cleaning head easily get’s all around those tough spots.  If you are worried about there being enough cleaner – there is more than enough in one compact cleaning head.  When you are done, just squeeze out the excess water and slide the button on the wand to release the head into the garbage.  Nice and easy and very clean!  One “toilet wand system” includes the caddy, wand and 6 cleaning heads.  The price is also amazing; it is on sale right now at Walmart for $6.97.  If you clean your toilets once a week, the set would last for 6 weeks, and let’s face it, there might be a few week’s that you miss!  This set really lasts.  Refills can also be purchased at Walmart and many other retailers for $3.97 for an additional 6 refills.  I would definitely recommend this!  This would make a cute small house warming gift, or gift addition.  Super handy!




Alberta Mom of 2 says:

We were given a sample of the Clorox Disinfecting Toiletwand Toilet Cleaning System to take for a test drive and I have to say, I’m really impressed! I’m not one that enjoys cleaning by any means, especially the bathroom, but the Clorox Disinfecting Toiletwand made this job easy, quick and clean allowing me more time to spend with my two babies! The system was super easy to put together, it all just clicks together, and is really compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the bathroom. I hate how gross toilet brushes look beside the toilet, especially when the toilet water pools in the bottom of the holder, so that problem is now solved with this cleaning system. When you want to use it you take the handle, stick it in the storage caddy until a cleaning head clicks into place, clean the toilet (or all of your toilets because it did all 3 of ours no problem!) and then press the release button to throw the cleaning head away – no gross toilet water pooling! The disposable cleaning head is loaded with cleaner and instantly suds as soon as you put it in the water with more than enough cleaner to do multiple toilets in one use. The other bonus to the disposable cleaning head is that it is spongy so it conforms to all areas of the toilet, including under the rim, with ease! I found the system worked great on two of our three toilets for sure and it definitely took a fraction of the time it normally does to get our toilet bowl sparkling. The third toilet in our home for some reason shows a huge build up from the hard water we have so it has always been next to impossible to get clean; although I won’t pretend that this system got it sparkling, it definitely made good headway on it and I think with a couple more good scrubs we might actually see some sparkle! The system is also a really good price with the initial system (1 handle, 1 storage caddy and 6 refills) on sale at Walmart right now for $6.97 and the refills costing only $3.97 for a pack of 6! All in all I would definitely recommend the Clorox Disinfecting Toiletwand Toilet Cleaning System and Refills to anyone, especially those like me who don’t like to waste a lot of time cleaning!

Spruce 2

Spruce 1


Calgary Mom of 2 posted her thoughts here – read on!

Saskatoon Mom of 2 says:

Like any Mom, I’m always looking for things to help speed up my house cleaning. I received the Clorox Toilet Wand and was excited to give it a try. I like the caddy – it holds the wand and the cleaning heads – no need to store the old toilet brush beside the toilet – with a busy, on the move 1 year old we have to be very careful with what we leave out, as she will get into everything! When it came time to clean the toilet I simply grabbed the wand, opened the caddy lid, put the wand inside and snapped on a cleaning head. The head is a great shape for getting into all those hard to clean spots. And best of all each cleaning head comes with the cleaner right in it, no need to add a cleaner to the toilet bowl beforehand – simply put the cleaning head into the water to activate the cleaning agent. I was able to clean all 3 toilets in our house with the same head. When I was done cleaning I simply pushed the head against the side of the toilet to get all the water out and slide the button on the handle of the wand to release the head into the garbage. I would definitely recommend this product to others!






Spruce Grove Mom of 2 boys says:

As a mom of two little boys, cleaning the toilet is not always an easy task. Anything that can make my job easier, I welcome with open arms!  The Clorox Toilet Wand is definitely going to become a new staple in our house. Not only is it extremely easy to use, I love that it comes preloaded with Clorox toilet cleaner, so it really is a one step clean – saving time, money and space with my other cleaning products. The shape of the brush fits and cleans under the rim better than any toilet brush I have ever used. Although the product itself works amazing, I think my favorite part of replacing my regular toilet brush with the Clorox Toilet Wand comes from a visual stand point. We need to replace our disgusting, dirty toilet brushevery few months because I find it such an eye sore in our washroom. This brush is designed to look just as clean as it really is and since the cleaning pads come hidden in the holder, it just adds a way nicer overall look of the area beside the toilet. I would definitely recommend this to any of my mommy friends!

Ontario Mom of 3 (including TWINS!) says:

Ditch the several bottles of cleaners, cloths and rubber gloves because this little mad stroke of genius is all you need. As a Mom of three children (two infants and a toddler) efficiency and effectiveness is what I need when bathroom cleaning and the Clorox Toilet Magic Wand does just that. The storage caddy, wand and concealed refills (love this!) make it a perfect cleaning tool to be stored by the toilet without the worry of a toddler using it as a toy, marching stick or microphone while using the bathroom. The wand was easy to use, the refills where a snap to install and the toilet was cleaned thoroughly. Thank you Clorox for simplifying toilet cleaning!


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