11 Hidden Facts About Happy Family


11 Hidden Facts About Happy Family

May 26, 2016


Written by: Vaileria Dennis

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Have you ever had quarrels or fights in your family? It’s hard to find a single family which has never been in conflict or bad times due to sickness, financial problems and many more. You had probably heard your parents argue or engaged your siblings in a fight. Sometimes people keep wondering what it takes to bring up a happy family. Definitely, it’s the responsibility of parents to keep family happy and united.  Despite the challenges your family may be facing, there are numerous ways to keep yours happy. Here are 11 hidden facts about happy family:

  1. Find Joy in Each Other

The spirit of a happy family is the fact that they help and treat each other. This can be demonstrated in how they interact, according to Rabbi Shmuley, a family and relationship counselor based in New York. Parents should become happy when their children come home, and kids find joy when their parent arrives home.

  1. Share Stories

Parents in a happy family ask their children about the events that took place after school and also share stories with them. Kids can’t be happy if you report home dejected and fail to share some stories with them. On reporting home, Shmuley recommends that you should first talk to your children. This helps avert boredom which usually triggers dysfunction and kids enjoying time with friends than family.

  1. Prioritize Marriage

When it comes to family and parenting, you should set a real example of love and care. This means your relationship and marriage should come in first. If you make your kids a priority, relationship experts say that they may become substitute providers of love, which can be bad for your family as they will eventually move out of your house.

  1. Eats Together

It’s as simple as ensuring that meals are served when all members of your family are in the table room. It’s recommendable to have family dinners as a time to reconnect. If possible, organize for at least four family dinners per week.

  1. Have Fun Together

Happy families often have unifying activities that they perform together on a regular basis. For the sake of a healthy lifestyle, engage your family in exercises that are suitable for age groups. Assign each and every member of your family responsibilities of their choice and ability. You can also share bedtime stories as a fun ritual.

  1. Make and Respect Rituals

Love and relationship experts advocate for family-specific or religious rituals if you want a happy family. In reference to Barbara Fiese, PhD, professor of psychology at Syracuse University, NY, happy families have meaningful rituals that are not stressing. Rituals can range from attending weekly outings, singing a family song or praying together every night.

  1. Children have limited activities after school

Engaging your children in a lot of after-school activities can be detrimental to your family. Kids may not want to report home early because they fear getting overworked. Try to moderate their activities after school and let them contribute in choosing their tasks. Enjoyable activities such as rollerblading, biking and swimming are ideal for your kids after school.

  1. No Fights or Arguments in Front of Their Children

Conflict between parents can at times be inevitable, but such should never happen in front of your kids. In case your children spot you fighting or arguing, you should be apologetic and convince them that you have resolved your differences.

  1. Create Calm Environment

From the fact that children thrive on stability, you should create a calm environment in your home. Even when you are giving them strict rules and regulations, keep your voices low. However, don’t hesitate to punish your children whenever they make mistakes, but don’t lose control and become too hard on them. They don’t deserve traumatic experiences over your brutality.

  1. Communicate Regularly

In a happy family, communication with each other is a norm, according to Rose J. Perkins, EdD, and associate professor at Stonehill College in Massachusetts. In most families, you will find kids communicating with their mothers who later send the message, but in a happy family, open lines of communication are available.

  1. Put family Before Friends

Your friends shouldn’t come before your family. Camp counselors clearly understand some things parents don’t, like caring for kids should be an enjoyable venture. Even if you have to set rules, you should know that your kids need fun as well. Boredom prompts kids to look for excitements away from home and that’s when their friends become more important. Though important, friendship should come after family.


The above 11 hidden facts about happy family are not exhaustive, but are the basic foundations of happiness in some families. It’s the high time you start implementing them if you want to have a family that is full of joy and happiness.

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