Baby Safety Month


Baby Safety Month



September has almost come and gone, and we’re already past the Back-To-School
mode, and looking ahead to sweaters and sweatpants! pest-poisonsSeptember isn’t over yet, though, and there’s still time to spread the news that it’s National Baby Safety Month.
While safety is always a priority for our kids, having an awareness month is a great way to keep it fresh in our minds.

Sometimes the most common hazards come from products we use everyday. Here are a few tips from to keep our little ones safe:

  1. Irons aren’t just burn hazards, they can be just as dangerous when they’re cool. cordsKeep irons off of unstable boards when not in use, and wind up those cords
  2. Dishwashers are within reach of crawling babies, giving them access to hazardous soaps, as well as knives and other sharp objects. Locking straps can prevent them from gaining access to the dangers inside
  3. Changing tables are have buckles for a reason, and should always be used—even if you are just walking across the room
  4. pet-food-2Pet Food is always on the floor, and poses a serious choking hazard for babies. Even water dishes are a danger to babies that can drown in as little as an inch of water.  Always pick up pet food and water, or keep it in a gated area away from baby’s reach.
  5. Recalls are issued most frequently for children’s products. Since many parents buy baby furniture, car seats and strollers long before the little ones arrive—or receive hand-me-downs—always double check for recalled products before using them


Here are a few of the most recently recalled baby items to purge from your home:

Lorex Baby Monitors

Little Lotus Baby Swaddles

Toys ‘R’ Us Pacifier Clips

Safety 1st Strollers

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer


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