Summer Mommy Fashion From ModaMama (Feature Blogger)


Summer Mommy Fashion From ModaMama (Feature Blogger)


Congratulations it’s a boy!  Or a girl!  You’ve just had a baby!  You have this precious little bundle in your arms that is beautiful and completely dependent on you. But…now you’re also tired, sleep deprived, your body is unrecognizeable – soft and squishy in all the wrong places – and your breasts are sore and swollen.   And you wonder to yourself, “How am I supposed to look good in these circumstance?”

First off, stash away your jewelry – earrings, necklaces etc.  just offer an uncomfortable distraction to your babe, and can often be a safety hazard.  Then, think casual chic and simple, simple, simple.

Maxi dresses are a great idea for the summer.  The loose and flowy ones let you breathe and hide a multitude of sins whether it’s post-pregnancy squish or legs that you’re too tired to shave.  They come in so many wonderful patterns to brighten your mood and hide any spit-up and food stains!  A soft and stretchy tank underneath is a great cover for that nursing bra and all you have to do is pull it all down on one side to nurse that little one.  Throw on a simple jean jacket, or soft cardigan and a belt tied at your natural waist and you’ve got a cute outfit.

The belt at the right place is key.  Post-pregnancy, you’re likely to be the narrowest at your natural waist or higher.  So, accentuate that area and camouflage the rest.  Two or three belts should do you: one in a medium brown that goes with almost anything, and one in a light beige or pale color that works great with summer clothing and adds a pop of color. And a black one is never a bad idea.

Another essential is a light button up shirt and an a-line skirt.  A light button-up in a fun summer color works great because you can look put together, but then just undo a few buttons to nurse your babe.  You may not fit in your own button ups with those milk filled bosoms, so just grab one on sale, or at a thrift store.  Or, if you don’t have time, wear it unbuttoned at the bust with a lacy or stretchy tank underneath.   Pair it with a great a-line skirt and one of those belts and you’re set.

A great a-line skirt hides those tummies and hips that are recovering from pregnancy.  It also creates a beautiful and timeless silhouette that looks wonderful on anyone.  Just ask Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn.

Finally, a great pair of Bermuda shorts is something you could use this summer.  Don’t spend too much money because as your body heals those shorts won’t fit next season.  But do get a pair that is well cut. Bermudas are great because they’re flattering on every figure and they cut a long and lean line.  Put it together with a tank, t-shirt(remember to keep it low-cut for easy baby access to milk) or that button-up and throw in a fun colored belt or wrap a scarf around your neck and you’re ready for a bbq or a coffee date or anything else that strikes your fancy.

The one accessory you shouldn’t forget about is a light scarf in a fun solid color.  A solid color is less likely to clash with any of the above mentioned outfits and it provides great coverage when you’re out of the house and need to nurse.  If you forgot your cover, or you just don’t want to dig around, you just pull that wide scarf over yourself and your little one and away you go.  Also, in those early months, you’re likely to leak through everything you’re wearing several times a day, and the scarf is a great cover for those times as well!

The best thing is that everything is interchangeable.  You can pair a maxi dress with a button-up over it and tie a belt around to create a totally different look.  Or take that a-line, pair it with a simple tee and throw on a jean jacket.  And as for shoes?  One pair of simple nude colored flat sandals will do.  Flats or a low heel are best for changing and tired bodies.  And it goes with everything, so you never have to think about it!

But mostly smile!  Have patience with your body.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone.  And cut yourself a lot of slack.  Your body has just undergone the most radical of changes possible in the natural world.  And it will continue to do so over the next few months.  Don’t try to put on your skinny jeans yet.  In fact, shove them to the darkest, deepest part or your closet  and don’t you dare look at them until at least nine months down the road.  Remember, it took that long for your body to change; it should take at least that long to change back.

If you have any questions or just want to read about the often crazy, always hilarious, fashion life of a fellow mom check out ModaMama


The Run-Down:

  • A maxi dress
  • Two or three belts  (a medium brown, a light colored one, and a black one)
  • A light fabric, fun colored button-up
  • A soft and stretchy tank-top/camisole to wear under dresses and tops
  • A-line skirt
  • A pair of Bermuda shorts
  • One pair of simple nude colored flat or low heeled sandals
  • Assortment of stretchy and slightly loose tanks and tees


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