Toting Tots (Guest Blogger)


Toting Tots (Guest Blogger)

August 14, 2011

Being the mom to a little boy who is… well… he is far from being little; I unfortunately had to learn the hard way the importance of ensuring that you lift and carry your child correctly. Earlier this year I suffered an injury to my arm that was so sever I was left unable to take care of my son on my own. For weeks I had to have someone with me 24/7 to help me take care of him.

The tips shared in this Guest Blog Post by Dr. Roop Patel BSC(Hons.) DC from energyXchange’s Blog are things that we all need to keep in mind to prevent such injuries.

Toting Tots – You were up all night, the baby was crying and now the telephone is ringing. Sound familiar? For most parents, this is a daily scenario. Parents are continually faced with strenuous physical demands such as chasing, lifting, feeding, and comforting their child which can be the perfect formula for body aches and pains.

Studies have shown that parenthood is a proven risk factor for back problems. The mechanism leading to back pain is believed to be associated with the repetitive lifting of children. Considerthe fact that parents may be lifting a 7-10 pound baby 50 times a day. By 12 months the child weighs approximately 17-pounds, and at 2 years, that child has become a 25-30 pound toddler.What’s a parent to do? Well, here are some simple tips that can help parents avoid aches, sprains, and strains.

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  1. all about baby says:

    i have a 25lb 6 month old who i am lefting from here to there 24/7 and i must say, momma is feeling very tired these days. I am not a big woman myself so I was just wondering if you have any tips for me? Any help would be GREAT! Thank Youu

  2. toronto-east says:

    Well I’m not expert but I can speak from experience… If you haven’t done so already I would first start off by investing a little bit of money in a good baby carrier and finding out how to use it correctly. This will help take off some strain on your body when your little one wants to be carried/held. At the start it may take a few mins to get them in it but soon enough you will be able to whip them in it so fast. Next I would ensure that you take care of yourself. My son is 16 months and I still use it almost daily.

    Do exercises to improve strength and stretches to reposition yourself in a correct body aliment AND always remember to bend your knees and don’t use your back to do the lifting.

    Good news for you is soon enough the lifting all the time will be replaced with running after them. 🙂

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