Fall Fashion Trends for Moms (Guest Blogger ModaMama)


Fall Fashion Trends for Moms (Guest Blogger ModaMama)

September 5, 2011

If you have had an opportunity to look at a magazine or take a walk past some shops you’ll know that fall clothing is out in full force. So I’m pleased to say that we have Guest Blogger ModaMama joining us again to give her tips on this years Fall fashion trends. Something I’m in need of. Also make sure to check out her blog which explores fashion and motherhood. A must read!

The air is getting crispier and the mornings cooler. You know what that means – fall is just around the corner. And more so, fall fashion is just around the corner. So here’s your guide to this season’s fall trends and how a new Mama can make them work.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!: Bold patterns, mixing and polka dots rule the runway. But this can be a difficult trend to navigate. Make sure to balance big patterns with easy neutrals. And when it comes to polka dots – stick to the smaller ones, they’re more elegant and easier to incorporate. Big ones are good for those of you who feel a bit more daring.

Plaid is also back in a big way. And it’s not just in those big flannels shirts anymore. It’s on pencil skirts, jackets, and vests. Plus, plaid is great at camoflauging leaky breasts and food stains. But make sure whatever piece you get, it’s well tailored or you end up looking like a Teen Mom reject.


Are you feeling daring? Then try pattern mixing. It’s a huge trend and though it seems overwhelming, it’s actually not that hard. Mix a black and white patterned skirt, with a color patterned top – nip a belt at the waist and you’re set. If you’re really nervous about mixing patterns then try this tip – stick to neutrals. Take two patterns in complementing neutrals and pair them together. The neutral colors create a calm and not-too-cluttered effect, while the patterns just make an outfit pop.

The 60’s Mod: Super short micro minis and chunky accessories are in, but you should skip those! Minis don’t help a post-pregnancy body and won’t allow you to do anything but stand there and look pretty. Forget about bending over to pick up your baby or that dropped soother! And not only do the accessories scream costume, but their size and bulk just gets in the way.

Do channel Mad Men with their plunging necklines – horray for perks of pregnancy and breastfeeding ease – and tailored pieces. People wrongly assume that a tailored piece will draw attention to a not-so-great-at-the-moment figure, but it actually streamlines the body and makes the eye glide easier. Finally, throw in a belt to nip in your natural waist (the narrowest part of your torso) and you’ll be channeling sexy Joan in no time.


The Lace Dress: This has been a must this summer and the trend continues into the fall. A fabulous lace dress is a key piece this fall. You can dress it up with heels, or dress it down with a relaxed cardi, jean or leather jacket. If dresses aren’t your thing, try a lacy blouse. But stay away from white or ivory. Not only will it show every single food, and baby drool stain, but it’ll most likely make you look dowdy. And a sleep deprived complexion runs the risk of looking ghostly when paired with ivory lace.



Menswear: It’s everywhere right now and it looks fabulous. But you’re not at work, stick to a structured blazer or vest for going out with some friends. Throwing on a great blazer adds instant chic and coverage for any possible milk mishaps.  I recommend a softer fabric so that Baby can cuddle and try to get one that’s machine washable rather than dry clean only. It’ll be easier on you.

Trends to skip:

  • Embellishments like sequins or feathers. Not only do they get in the way of taking care of a baby, but they make you look like you’re trying too hard to look chic with an infant on your arm. And more importantly, any loose stitching makes that embellishment an instant choking hazard. Not worth it!
  • Pencil skirts. You’re not at the office and you need freedom of movement. So skip this trend and let yourself breathe!
  • Velvet – unless it’s a structured blazer, this material looks best on It-girls who push the fashion envelop. For playdates, again it looks like you’re trying too hard. Save it for a date night dress with Hubs.
  • Turtlenecks – they’re back in a big way but it’s hard to wear turtlenecks when you’re trying to breastfeed. If you must, make sure it’s in a soft knit that falls and skims the body, otherwise you run the risk of looking like a schoolmarm.

Stop by my blog, ModaMama (http://modamama.blogspot.com/), daily for more fashion and mommy hilariousness!



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