A lil’ party for my big bean


A lil’ party for my big bean

July 2, 2012

“It my bereft day. I two” followed by a singing a rendition of Happy Birthday. That is what I overheard my son saying to himself the morning of his second birthday party. I don’t know who was more excited, Kyle or my husband and I.

For his first birthday we decided to “save money” and had a great party at our house invited friends, family and kids. It was a blast. However once the party was over we found that the house was disaster and that we had spent a tad more then we expected to. I was busy playing host that I felt like I missed out on a few things.

So when it came to time to plan his second birthday party – my husband and I just looked at each other and agreed we didn’t have it in us to do it all over again yet we knew we wanted to do something special. We both spend so much time with our little guy, work and activities – I’m pregnant… some how adding an extra item to the list seemed to be just too much. I suggested that lil’bean n’ green does birthday parties. I could look into it. Hubby replied “done!”

Spoke to the ladies at lil’bean about what we wanted, picked one of their packages, booked a date sent an evite out and that was it. Party was done! Friends and family called offering to help and I said “all taken care of” sounding like a super mom but my super powers was just picking up the phone.

We showed up for his party and it was perfect. They took care of everything for us: Cake, decorations, food, drinks… And the best part the cleanup!!!! I couldn’t have done it any better. We were able to sit back and enjoy the party. Taking in those great memories instead of playing host. The kids played, the adults chatted we all had some yummy food. Everyone complimented us on how great it was and we didn’t break the bank. When we added it all up it made sence to do.

So lil’bean I hope you’re ready for more birthday parties from the Kaftarian’s.

Click Here to get more details on having your lil’ones party held at lil’bean. They can do everything from having a simple party to closing down the cafe for you and your guest with the option of a liquor license. Also rumor has it that they will be doing a birthday party special deal with living social in the next few weeks.

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