Capitalize on our MOMentum!


Capitalize on our MOMentum!

June 27, 2015

By developing a strategic partnership with Mommy Connections East Toronto, you will be gaining accessing a large network of influential moms and local community partners. 

Here are some ways your business can capitalize on our MOMentum:

1. Presenter Sponsorship – Donation of your time. A 30 – 45 minute interactive and engaging presentation for the moms during our classes. Opportunity to showcase your services, or demonstrate your popular local program, to the moms in our classes.

Topics must be relevant to new moms (ie. Pre/Postnatal Health, SelfCare & Identity, Family Nutrition, Fitness Programs, Physical Literacy, Musical Development, Baby Safety, Sleep Coaching, Infant & Child First Aid, Communication & Language Development, etc.

2. Prizing Sponsorship – Donation of door prize; gift certificate or product (minimum value of $30), samples for swag bags given to every participant during program sessions (approx. 50 items). Exclusive deals (must be a minimum value of $20, or 20% discount. 

Prizes provided to the Program Director are introduced at the beginning of a class. Additional information is distributed to all the moms via brochures, business cards etc.  Door prizes may also be provided on their own without the swag bag inserts.

3.  Online Advertising Sponsorhip – 

Website Side Bar Ad Box (125 x 125) – $100 per month

Newsletter Advertising – $50 per issue or $250 for 6 consecutive issues.  Includes your logo and a short description of your company.

Featured Newsletter Partner – $250 per month; Premier logo placement and advertorial, as well as informative article about your product or service. Also includes a dedicated newsletter within the same month, featuring only your company. Includes logo and advertorial, and informative article about your product or service, without any other information displayed (ie. upcoming classes, other sponsors or advertisements).

Official Regional Online Sponsor – $2500 per year; 6 banner ads, 6 side bar ads, logo placement on ALL newsletters, 3 featured blog spots, 3 featured newsletter spots.   

Contests – $150 per contest; we will run a month long contest and promote it through Twitter, Facebook, website, and our newsletter.

Product Review – $250 per 2 weeks period. Have your product or service reviewed by our Mommies. You will receive recognition through all of our Social Media platforms, an e-blast to our newsletter subscribers, a 125×125 side bar ad and a great one-page review on our blog.

Event Promotion – $150 per event; Co-organize and promote an event promoting your services or venue.

4.  Premier Partnership – ($900 Semi-Annually)

If you wish to have a larger presence and capitalize on everything mentioned above (with the exception of feature newsletter sponsorship & product review), but at a significantly discounted rate. This level of sponsorship also includes:

  • 125 X 125 ad box (visible on every page of website)
  • Logo placement in full colour advertising on Mommy Connections postcards, posters and newspaper ads (at least 3 forms of advertising semi-annually)
  • Company presence on all Mommy Connections social media platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Opportunity to place Marketing materials in all of our swag bags
  • Category exclusivity (for presenters, swag bag sponsors and door prizes)
  • Option to hold an event at your venue
  • Potential for further cross-promotion as agreed to by both parties

Please contact:, with inquiries about possible sponsor/partner opportunities with Mommy Connections East Toronto.

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