Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Party Planning


Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Party Planning

December 15, 2017

This year we were so fortunate to partner with Panago Pizza for our final 2 events of the year and working with them showed me how easy it can be to guarantee success for any party needing to be planned, so I thought I would share my guide with you all so that 2018 will be filled with amazing parties and with as much ease as possible for you!

Step 1: Pick a date. This step is simple enough but remember: you can’t please everyone so pick a date that works for your family and anyone you feel is most important to be at the event/party

Step 2: Pick an activity. Having a fun and interactive activity to do at any party or event will help ensure it ends up being entertaining and unforgettable. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Color Me Mine Lethbridge, they have been more than accommodating and they have endless ceramic pieces to choose from that are great for any age range!

Step 3: Pick your menu. Almost any event or party should have food/treats & refreshments available, you don’t want people walking away starving, full tummies lead to happy invitees! The good news is this: Panago Pizza has you covered from food to refreshments, they are your one stop shop for all your party food needs! They have delicious organic juices, their dough is made fresh in store daily, they use no artificial colours or flavours, and they honestly have something for everyone. They offer a variety of vegan options (they have two recipe vegan pizzas or you can create your own) and gluten smart options available (which I was told was delicious by one family at our Halloween event).

Step 4: Pick your theme and decor. Have fun with this part and don’t overthink it, you do not need expensive flashing lights or walls draped with endless decor. Table top decor pieces in your theme of choice, table covers (these alone can change the look of any space to your theme choice), cups, napkins, and plates in line with your theme also work as part of the decor until they are used, and anything fun you are able to use (wall or ceiling hangings, music, etc) but these are most definitely not a necessity, the decorating part is all for fun, so as soon as you stop having fun with it, stop where you are at, and if you feel like revisiting it later, do so then!

Step 5: Have fun at the party! You are the host so your energy will help set the tone for everyone else, if you’re having fun it is more likely that your guests will relax and end up having more fun too!!


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