Mommy Connections’ Moms Who Do Cool Things! Meet Scroll Saw Artist, Katelin Bell


Mommy Connections’ Moms Who Do Cool Things! Meet Scroll Saw Artist, Katelin Bell

June 27, 2021

Introducing Mommy Connections’ Moms Who Do Cool Things!

Throughout the summer we’ll be sharing the story of a talented and passionate mom in our community with a super cool side hustle. From a baker, to a podcast host, a photographer and more, these women are busy building their empires and sharing their passions with the world.

A huge thanks to all these fabulous women for taking the time to share their amazing stories with us!

Meet Katelin Bell, Owner of Scrollmate Kate, from Waterdown, ON, mama to a 2.5 year old and expecting baby #2, and a member of the Mommy Connections community since 2019.

Describe yourself in one sentence:

I am a mother of 2, fur mama, wife, Physiotherapist and scroll saw artist.

Tell us about Scrollmate Kate:

Scrollmate Kate is a woodworking endeavor that was born in my garage and has tapped into my creative side in a way that I think I’ve been searching for my whole adult life. I create custom scrollsaw art, ranging from nursery & family name signs to custom wall decor-if you can visualize it, I can bring it to life!

What inspired you to start this exciting side hustle?:

It all began when I was looking for a personalized baby shower gift for a friend. I loved these wooden nursery signs I had kept seeing on social media, so began following some woodworking accounts that made them. After I ordered one for my friend, I started to delve into the tools needed to make them because I couldn’t stop imagining all of the decor I wanted for my own home and I knew if I had the right equipment I’d absolutely love doing this. I realized this intrigue wasn’t going away, and clearly talked about it enough around my husband for him to see this too-he surprised me with a scroll saw for my birthday last year, and Scrollmate Kate was born.

What is your favourite thing about woodworking?

My absolute favourite part of woodworking is how therapeutic it is. As an acute care Physiotherapist in a hospital I spend my day in a fast-paced unit doing a physical job that can be quite emotionally taxing at times. Scrolling has become an escape from that high-stress environment, and allows me to come home and retreat into a world of creativity that is so mentally refreshing, calming and truly therapeutic.

Conversely, what’s your least favourite thing?

First and foremost, the biggest challenge is the battle between my creative mind and my scrolling hands. When clients give you creative freedom with a sign, I will more often than not allow my brain to create this incredibly intricate design on paper that will showcase all my talents-a go big or go home scenario. This is all fine and dandy until you start scrolling and curse yourself for the layers and details you’ve envisioned and now get to spend the time (hours and hours) bringing to life. I am slowly starting to learn how to balance my creativity with the value of my time. And coming in at a close second on the list of least favourite things-the clean up! So. Much. Sawdust. Thank goodness for shop vacs!

Complete this sentence: I’m most excited for/about/to…

Eventually, one day, make signs for my own children’s rooms! Hilariously enough, despite the main driver of beginning this journey being the want to outfit our home with all my decor ideas, I have had so many custom orders that I’ve yet to make a single something for our home. If that isn’t the definition of motherhood (putting others before yourself), I don’t know what is!

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