Mommy Connections’ Moms Who Do Cool Things! Meet Blogger & Podcast Host, Katie Hurst


Mommy Connections’ Moms Who Do Cool Things! Meet Blogger & Podcast Host, Katie Hurst

July 19, 2021

Introducing Mommy Connections’ Moms Who Do Cool Things!

Throughout the summer we’ll be sharing the story of a talented and passionate mom in our community with a super cool side hustle. From a baker, to a podcast host, a photographer and more, these women are busy building their empires and sharing their passions with the world.

A huge thanks to all these fabulous women for taking the time to share their amazing stories with us!

Meet Katie Hurst, RN BScN, Blogger and Podcast Host at Elephant in the Womb, from Mississauga, ON, mama to a 17 month old and pregnant with baby #2, and a member of the Mommy Connections community since 2020.

Tell us about Elephant in the Womb: 

Elephant in the Womb was born in February 2020 – it started off as just a blogging platform ( As a pregnant and early postpartum mom I found that I had a lot of questions and didn’t always remember to ask them at my appointments or maybe they weren’t really “medical” questions per se. I’d spend a lot of time googling things and I found three things:

1) there is a lot of misinformation on the internet that comes from sources that are not reliable and are sometimes dangerous

and 2) I valued reading both opinions (moms sharing their similar experiences) and being able to weigh these against reliable, evidence-based information

and 3) there are SO MANY LINKS on the internet, how do you know which one to look at?!

So I created EITW in an attempt to curate evidence-based information to common questions. Medical questions should always be posed to your primary health care provider/maternal care provider, but there is some info that should be easily accessible to us all – as human beings, women, mothers.

As a nurse, I enjoy doing research and writing. Making information easiest to take in. So I combined that interest with my now passionate drive to provide women with easily accessible, reliable information in one place. The blog is fully sourced to reliable websites. When there aren’t answers to something – I am honest about that. I review current research and tell you what science actually stands behind, and where it may be lacking. Finally – the blog always encourages you to ask personal health information questions to your provider. Amidst the evidence-based information, I provide personal experience with pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood because we have to put science in the perspective of reality sometimes.

Building off my love of sharing personal experience – the podcast was born. I had shared my own birth experience on the blog with good reviews, so I thought why not allow other women to share theirs? It allows for people to learn about different experiences, women to have a voice and safe space to share their experiences, triumphs and concerns. And the podcast has evolved beyond birth experiences now – I also regularly interview experts in the field (nurses, midwives, doulas, pelvic PT, sleep specialists and more) about hot topics. I also have women on – single parents, teachers – to tell their stories. So it’s a source of both evidence-based and experiential information for women to learn and find support in.

What inspired you to start a podcast on this subject?

My own personal experience as a mother, but also my drive to do health teaching as a nurse. Plus I get to learn things from the podcast too – my favourite birth experience episodes are the ones that were totally different than mine (which is most of them, because we’re all so unique). I love to hear about women’s triumphs and experiences. I also learn from the experts I have on and I hope others do too. I just feel passionately about helping women to stay informed about their health and giving women a place to share their experiences.

What is your favourite thing about being a podcast host?

Hearing all the stories and learning new things. The experts I’ve had on have been so knowledgeable, and I love that it is a way for me to network as well as a professional. I have built friendships with many podcast guests. My absolute favourite is at the end of recording many guests are so thankful for being on the show – and I am equally thankful they agreed to share!

Conversely, what’s your least favourite thing about being a podcast host?

TIME MANAGEMENT. I am a mother, full-time working mom as a nurse, part-time student. I blog. I have a family and a social life. So some nights I’m so tired and I just want to sleep… but it’s sort of like when you want to work out but don’t and you end up doing it and you feel amazing after, you know? I feel exhausted sometimes but I get there so people can share and I am always so thankful I did it after. Oh, I also hate editing. But… I’m getting better at it!

Complete this sentence: I’m most excited to…

see what the future holds for me – the blog, the podcast, my family. I hope to keep re-inventing & improving my platform anyway I can. I’d like to also eventually expand into some type of postpartum support business – but I have a little bit of a way to go before I get there. Right now, I am loving what I am able to do from the comfort of my home!

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