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The Lone Dinosaur – Mommy Blogger

January 28, 2019

My name is Sally Koepke but I like to go as Sally Kaiser. I am a mom of 3 beautiful children. They are 5 months old – Addison, 3 years old – Benjamin and 5 years old – Hailey ! I’m going to school full time to become an early childhood educator and enjoy life as a single mom! I enjoy working with children and also enjoy police work and am in hopes to become an officer in 18 years ! I am new to blogging and am giving it a try! I know I am not the only single mom trying to make things work in life so hoping that my post will uplift some moms!

“What is it like to be a lone dinosaur (single parent)?” One common question I get asked. Well. I’m sure there’s more Struggles out there but here are mine.

I am a full time student for the ECE program, I’m a parent to 3 beautiful children, 5 months, 3 years and 5 years. No life is not easy, but I push past the issues and keep looking forward as much as I can. As a single parent you don’t have someone who will simply watch the child while you shower. So here comes the 5 minute showers in play. While you are cooking you don’t have someone to tell “play with the kids” so your little ones become chefs because they either get to measure or with assistance cut vegetables. What I learned from my year of single parenting: I would not change my life if I had a choice. I enjoy my hectic days, I enjoy when my kids come to me with all their issues instead of going “where is mom/dad” because I am both. I get through the day saying “if I don’t do it, who will?” My mornings start with my baby crying, I get up feed her. My son wakes up shortly after same with my daughter. Works great, dressing everybody … Well … There are T-Rex moments. But in my family when mom says “roar” it means slow down. listen. I love you. Lets do this together. The day carries on.

When night time strikes it can be tough. We are cranky from the sport activities and daycare so we slowly have our fights to get to sleep. But again I wouldn’t change a thing because at the end of the day, you have a pair of eyes staring at you in awe.

You are making the world go round, you are their firefighter and their nurse. You are showing them dreams can happen when you fight for it. It may have rocks or bolder on the street, but you can get past it because you have the strength of a team. Yes it can be exhausting. Yes your house may not look clean, but at the end of the day, you did what you needed.

It is not easy to be a parent and even as a couple, you tend to feel like you are a lone dinosaur. But with the help of your little helpers you can conquer the journey to the great valley.

Never give up the hope behind the rock there’s a path that leads further.

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