We’re Going to Have to Let You Go… – Mommy Blogger


We’re Going to Have to Let You Go… – Mommy Blogger

February 4, 2019

Hi! My name is Marie Stewart, a 34 year old wife and mother of one super active boy! I work as a Director of a Finance Department, and am studying part-time towards a CPA certification. I’ve moved around my whole life and have had to become good at making new friends and finding my “tribe”, while navigating my pesky introverted tendencies. I love to give advice and help out anyone who is willing. In fact, I tend to insert myself maybe too much! We love movies, (especially Harry Potter), camping, home renos and watching our little boy grow into his big personality. I am passionate about helping to educate about personal finance issues, and just share anything mommy related that I think might help out someone else from breastfeeding to careers to #boymomlife.

Have you ever been fired? I’m not talking about 15-year old you missing too many shifts at the movie theatre. I once had a friend who called in sick three times… from the bar she was drinking at. Not those young moments that you can look back and laugh about. I’m talking about a grown up professional job where reputation matters. Where the consequences are real. Where you have a family to feed and bills that depend on your income to get paid. Where you have professional training to do what you do and take pride in your work. Well, I have.

It’s something that’s rarely talked about and that happens more often than people think. I always thought of folks who got fired as the unstable “trouble makers” or the old boss that sleeps at his desk and gets gently nudged towards retirement. I never thought it would happen to me. I’m a hard worker, thoughtful, educated. I get along with people, although outspoken when I see changes that need to be made.

As you climb the ladder through your career, “fit” matters more than ever. Whether it’s at a hospital, a school, an office or a sales team. It matters much more than at entry level positions. As you move up, you’ll likely see more leaders let go, be let go yourself or even be a part of the process of letting someone go if you’re a supervisor. Leaders have so much influence on the team and organization that it’s important to get that position just right in terms of personality and skill level.

If you’re let go from a position, it can be very hurtful and downright embarrassing. It may not have been legal or just or fair. But it happens. You will wonder what you could have done differently to prevent the outcome. You will likely consider suing for wrongful dismissal. But once you grieve and accept what has happened, you may almost feel relief. Just because you weren’t the right person for that job, doesn’t mean you’re not the perfect person for another employer. If fact, getting fired can build resilience and confidence in a way that no other experience can.

You’ll have to use your best judgement to disclose to potential employers or not. However, you might find that most employers won’t bat an eye if you’re honest about being let go. And if they do, you probably don’t want to work there. Any hiring manager with a brain in his or her head knows that there are two sides to any story. As long as you can explain if asked that you took the lesson (even if you don’t feel there was one) that came from being let go and you’re better for it, a good interviewer will be impressed.

So here’s to life’s set-backs! May they come when they’re needed, leave their wisdom and take their pain with them when they go!

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