Fave 5 Indoor Play Areas


Fave 5 Indoor Play Areas

February 19, 2019

My name is Andrea. I’m a Mom to two wonderful little boys, Jack is almost three and Dean is just four months old! I’m a teacher by trade, but currently tutor, run a small home daycare, and write in my spare time. Originally from Toronto, I moved here with my husband and a young Jack in September 2016 after spending five years teaching in both China and Hong Kong. I speak some Mandarin, even less Cantonese, passable French, and English. I love to travel, attempt pinterest crafts and recipes, workout, and spend time with my boys. My family loves to keep busy, and any chance we get we’re off exploring new places – either within Canada or abroad!

#1. Dino Bouncers

Cost: $10.00 (unlimited time) ($7.50 for toddlers during the week)

At just $10.00 for an unlimited amount of time, this indoor play place has been a saviour for us in this unrelenting weather! My toddler loves it because he can be independent and do (almost) everything by himself! I love it because it’s usually very quiet on weekdays (don’t go Mondays – it’s closed!), its reasonably priced, and it’s clean. You can’t bring in your own food, but they do have a snack bar with a variety of options. They also have a punch card so after 10 visits, you earn a free one!

#2. Amazing Adventures

Cost: $6 non-members / $3 members (unlimited time)

This is another place we’ve frequented this winter. We attend classes here, so it only costs $3.00 for an unlimited amount of play time for my toddler. I like that they have both the climbing structure and the toddler area to play in, and that the tables are set up with a direct line of sight (so I can leave my infant sleeping at the table in his carseat if need be). They also have a no outdoor food allowed in, although I’ve seen people “sneak” food in on occasion, and they do have an, albeit overpriced, snack bar available!

 #3. Get Air – Toddler Time

Cost: $8.00 for Toddler Time (Tues/Thurs 10am-12noon)

We just discovered Get Air this past October with friends. I have only ever been to toddler time, but I have never seen more than 20 people here. It’s awesome!! The wee ones have full run of the entire place and at $4/hr that’s not a bad deal! I also like that Get Air is not picky about food- you can bring in water bottles, juice, and snacks. So long as you don’t eat and drink on the trampolines they don’t mind!! Tip- you do need to purchase their special socks for jumping, so make sure you bring them each time thereafter!

#4. Sandra Smirler Swimming Pool

Cost: $7.00 Adults, $5.00 Children

Now, this activity is a bit pricier which is why I ranked it #4 on my list. However, for $13.00 you do get unlimited time in the pool (so long as open swim is on), and as a bonus babes and toddlers until 2 are free! My son loves to swim so we frequent the pools, this one is our fav because of the toddler pool full of activities and heated water, and the frog slide and umbrella in the big pool. We’ve been on many random weekdays and it’s never been overly busy. As a bonus, the pool is attached to the library so you could totally make a day of it!

#5. Chuck E Cheese

Cost: $10.00 min/30 minutes

Now to be honest, living in a big city near Toronto my whole life, I actually had a hard time coming up with a fifth choice. There simply isn’t a lot of choice in Regina! While Chuck E Cheese can get expensive, my toddler, just like many others I’m sure, absolutely loves it! My advice is to go on Wednesdays where they have the All-You-Can-Play deal. This way you pay by the time (1/2 hr increments) and the kids can swipe away as many times as they please until time is up! Tip- download the “More Cheese It” App on your phone, and you can earn points with each visit.

There are also the Early Years Centres that have a host of indoor activities you can attend for free – baby classes, toddler classes, even free Mom and Babe workouts!! Regardless of what you choose to do, get out and have some fun while staying warm this winter!!




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