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The Village – Mommy Blogger

March 28, 2019

My name is Sally Koepke but I like to go as Sally Kaiser. I am a mom of 3 beautiful children. They are 5 months old – Addison, 3 years old – Benjamin and 5 years old – Hailey ! I’m going to school full time to become an early childhood educator and enjoy life as a single mom! I enjoy working with children and also enjoy police work and am in hopes to become an officer in 18 years ! I am new to blogging and am giving it a try! I know I am not the only single mom trying to make things work in life so hoping that my post will uplift some moms!

As a young mom it becomes hard to find a village. Not may know where to go for that support and become afraid and close up to themselves. I found myself in the same position. Whenever I am at a doctors’ office I get asked “Who do you have for support?” and each time I have to say “Nobody.” Because I don’t have anyone my parents live away in Kipling, my sister in Germany, my only friend in Lethbridge, my kids’ fathers parents are uncommunicative when it comes to help. Part of it is because of the custody battle, so it is just me VS. 3 children daily.

I was rushed to the hospital once and asked again. Which then followed up with Social Services being involved as they were worried about my mental health. I felt fine and strong and felt capable of things of course I felt violated but at the same time I knew my Ego needed to be broken. I allowed a conversation with the worker and I accepted their help to find me a little bit of support.

I found out about Family Catholic Services who will help one on one with families. I then found out about Kids first. As I was put into contact with Kids First I had also found out about some mother groups at the YMCA. I also started to talk more at school as I am becoming an Early Childhood Educator and started to talk to my counselor as well. I am aware that many people hear the word Social Services and think of just the bad. I was one of those people who used to think so but within discovery I learned the service that they help with. And I could not be any more thankful for them giving me the help that I was unaware of knowing I was mentally actually hurting.

With my lesson, I learned do not feel offended if someone asks you, be open – minded and enjoy the help that they are trying to offer. They do not mean harm and many even the ones that are not single lack that extra support.

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