Cake Smash Time! What to Expect- Guest Blogger


Cake Smash Time! What to Expect- Guest Blogger


  • Jenni – Purple Elephant Photography

When to Book

If you are thinking about doing a cake smash to commemorate your little one’s First Birthday I suggest booking your session with me 1-2 months prior to their big day. This allows for time to find a time and day that works for you and ensures your needs can be met!



I have two Cake Smash packages. A standard Cake Smash and a Smash & Splash which includes photos of clean up in the sweetest little bath tub!


Choosing or Making a Cake

You can choose whether Purple Elephant supplies the cake or you bring your own. I offer round 6″ cakes or giant cupcakes.

If you are planning to bring your own please think about the following:

• A vanilla crumb cake with buttercream frosting is ideal for smashing

• For the icing I would avoid red or brown (I am sure you can imagine why!)

• The cake needs to be at room temperature at smash time which means it should come out of the fridge 2-3 hours beforehand


Another thing to think about when it comes to cake is giving babe a little taste a few days before the session. Your little one likely hasn’t had the opportunity to experience cake and they may be more willing to get their hands adorably dirty if they already know what to expect.


Choosing your Theme

I have a number of cake smash themes already available, but also love to create new custom ones! As part of the booking process I send you a questionnaire to help me understand your vision and always do my very best to bring it to life! Pinterest is a great resource to give you some ideas.


How Long is a Session?

In my past experience, Cake Smash’s last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. The first part of the session includes some milestone images before we bring out the cake. There is an opportunity to have a few outfit changes, with the cooperation of your little one of course.


Once the cake is placed the session moves fairly quickly; your little one really determines the pace (some dig right in, others need a bit of help!). Once they have made a significant mess, if you opted for the Smash & Splash they hop into my little tub and have time for some fun in the water.


What to Wear

Remember to bring a couple of outfits for the milestone photos prior to the smash, these can be their favourite outfits, their Sunday best or something creative. Something they are comfortable in and have worn before is recommended! Don’t wait until the day of the shoot to pick an outfit and test it out…..there is nothing worse than showing up with an outfit they haven’t tried on yet and doesn’t fit!

For the smash portion keep in mind that they are going to get messy! It is best to coordinate this outfit with your chosen theme. I have some clients that take this opportunity for a fun, colourful over the top look while others like a more simple understated one. This is entirely up to you.


Prepare for a Mess

A successful cake smash is a messy cake smash! The Smash & Splash package concludes with a warm bath, which also helps get your little one cleaned up. If you opted for the Cake Smash package I would recommend bringing wipes, wipes and more wipes!


You will like already have a few outfits planned for your little one, but you many want to think about bringing a change of clothes for everyone who will be there, just in case. At the very least, I would recommend layering an old t-shirt over your outfit that you can just pull off after the shoot if you got a little messier than you thought you might!


What to Bring

  • A well rested little one

  • Cake (if you are bringing one!)

  • Multiple outfit changes for babe

  • Change of clothes for parents

  • Wipes, wipes, wipes

  • A bag large enough to hold the cake filled clothing

  • Snacks – think puffs or cheerios – sometimes your little one needs a bit more encouragement to dig into the cake

  •  Anything else you may want to include in these special photos


I hope this tips have been helpful! Cake Smashes are one of my favourite types of sessions. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact me!


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