Getting Back into my Groove – Mommy Blogger


Getting Back into my Groove – Mommy Blogger

January 31, 2019

Hey everyone! My name is Kelsey, and I’m a first time mama to a healthy and handsome boy, Atlas. Atlas is almost four months old, and this has been the best journey I’ve been on! When I’m not living it up mat leave style, I’m a social worker for Child & Family Programs, working in Child Protection. My fiancé (soon to be husband in 4 months-whoop whoop!) works away during the week as an Electrician. Although my weeks can be long not having Mike here, my support system is incredible and our family time on the weekends is amazing! I love to spend time at the lake with family, go for walks by the river, craft/scrapbook and enjoy all of the “firsts” for Atlas. I’m looking forward to more journaling/blogging throughout the new year!

Prior to having my little dude come into my life, I was working as a busy social worker in the area of child protection. Each work day was filled with meetings, home visits, phone calls, and travel plans. Booked solid from 8-5 was normal for me, and because of my scheduled work routine it created a desire for routine in my personal life. Evenings and weekends were spent planning and preparing for babe to arrive, and I found I did really well with routine.

Fast forward to today, 4 months after having Atlas in our lives and everything has completely changed-routine wise! For the first 2 months we enjoyed doing whatever we wanted! Staying up late, sleeping in, galavanting around the city with no place to be. I have always been so used to a schedule and routine that this “freedom” so to speak was exciting!

I kept telling myself I would start us on a better routine once Atlas and I figured out feedings, sleep schedule etc. I realized I do best with routine, even if it’s flexible. Having those few key aspects in place such as bedtime routine, nap routine and mommy & me classes was important to me. I remember feeling envious of other moms who had their little ones on a routine by 2 months old. I kept pushing it off because I’m a very “all or nothing” type of person. “I’ll start Monday! Wake up early, get ready before Atlas wakes, have tea/journal and get on my to-do list”.

Our routine for the last 4 months has routine! I was finding it difficult to switch back to what I know works best for me, and it’s almost as if we were in a “rut”. A wonderful, fun, vacation type kinda rut.

What seems to have worked for me these past three weeks is making baby steps.

First week- Sticking to our bedtime routine.. bath,books,cuddles,bedtime.

Second week-Waking up an hour before Atlas wakes. Showering/eating/tidying and planning our day together.

Third week-Creating a weekly plan for our mom & baby workouts. Having those scheduled events 3x a week has been great for us. As well as getting fresh air each day. Unless it’s -40 out which isn’t out of the norm here haha.

It can be difficult to switch up your routine after what feels like a 4 month do whatever whenever type of lifestyle! For me, I feel much more productive and happier with routine. Navigating mom life for the first time has been the best adventure and getting back into my groove has me feeling better about myself and mom life in general!

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