Fighting the Cold – Mommy Blogger


Fighting the Cold – Mommy Blogger

February 6, 2019

Amanda’s blogs are based on the life of being a working mom, wife and all that other stuff. Amanda uses quotes and everyday life to motivate or at least entertain others. Her two beautiful girls, Georgia and Elsie, husband, Robbie, and dog, Max, are the inspiration to her enjoyable blog posts. When Amanda isn’t blogging and doing mom stuff, she is a Speech Pathologist. She loves crafts, staying active, sports, mojitos and wellness. The thing that sets Amanda’s writing apart from others is her open and honest view into her life. The ups, the downs and everything in between.

So I want to talk about January and apparently the first week of February.  NOT COOL Mother Nature, not cool!

Winter can be a very difficult time for everyone, and I found that this past January was an especially tough month for a lot of people. Even my 1 year old is protesting the cold. She was so upset with the cold when we walked from the van to daycare today that she tried to fight the wind. Literally fight it! She glared, babbled (which I can only assume if she was able, would be some swear words) and tried to punch the wind. It made me giggle a bit and almost made the cold worth it, almost!

I love the fight in my daughter. Her fight reminded me that we all have a little fight in us and sometimes we need to reach deep to keep that FIGHT! We need to fight to keep hope that things will get better. That fight is what can be the difference between moving forward or not moving at all.

I can say that from experience. From the times when I was a teenager to now, those little moments of fight is what has kept me going.  It kept me moving when I was depressed, kept me moving when I was too anxious to breath and then again when postpartum hit.

Hope is what gave me the courage to ask for help when I needed it in those times. Sometimes it was just a hug or a moment to myself to cry, other times it involved talking with professionals.

So hold on to your fight and reach out! Talk with someone to help you find those moments and that hope. Or if the cold is just making you grumpy then find the sunshine in your day wherever it may be and remember, spring is just around the corner!

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