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Little Mom Moments – Mommy Blogger

May 6, 2019

I’m a teacher, wife and mom of a very proud soon-to-be big sister. My blogs highlight the happy and humorous moments of parenting. I love music, writing, the outdoors and mommy-ing and I enjoy sharing how kids have a magical way of making favourite past-times like these even better.

In the absolute craziness of this world, and the fast pace of, well, everything except your toddler eating her cheerios or agreeing on which socks to wear, there is little time left for us moms to have as our own.  Our precious hours of the week get jam packed so quickly with everything from groceries to appointments, and as if we’re living in one big game of tetris, even the small bits of time in between get filled with something in-promptu such as cleaning up a floor full of baking soda or scrubbing spilled nail polish off of a bed frame.  The point is, that time is precious, and even more incredibly so when you’re a mom.  But, in a sweet sort of way, taking advantage of even the shortest, most unexpected moments of mom-time can help energize you for the next leg of your amazing mom race.  Recognizing this, and fully embracing even 2 minutes of solitude wherever it may be, has been my saving grace.

Little mommy moments are rarely planned, and if they are, the plans usually fall through.  The coffee gets cold, your phone rings a second after you sit down, or baby wakes up just as you picked up that apple you’ve been craving.  If you bank on planned moments for yourself as a mom you’re bound to be disappointed.  The little mom moments I’m talking about come out of the blue.  They hit you when you least expect them, and should be snatched up and taken advantage of guilt free, because you, mom, deserve it.

Little mom moment example 1: You tackled a shopping trip with two under two in the cart.  Everyone made it back to the vehicle without too many tears, and you only had to purchase one bribery item.  You’re hair is a little looser than the Ariana Grande pony you left the house with, and if you had a fitbit you’d be able to smile at the number on your wrist staring back at you.  Good job mom.  As you turn into your driveway, you look back and see that both of your little angels are sound asleep.  Logic reminds you that there are so many jobs that need your attention in the hourse, and the urge to open the door and hop out the instant you turn back the key is strong.  But girl, you’re one of those things that needs attention.  Close the garage door, let your favourite song on the radio finish, slurp back that last sip or two of lemon water, breathe deeply and hey, even take a minute to scroll through instagram if you like.  Do whatever will give you one minute of relaxation in your crazy world of motherhood.  Times like these don’t come around often, so seize that mommy moment and don’t, for a second, feel bad about it.

Little mom moment example 2:  You’re amid the late-afternoon whiney hour before supper.  You remember when “Happy Hour” wasn’t a sarcastic term.  And you’ve left supper prep on the counter to stop and read your little munchkin a book.  Three pages in, you feel her little head lean up against your shoulder and you look down to see her precious little eyelashes resting on her cheeks.  You could instantly attempt to sneak away, likely unsuccessfully, and end up with an even grumpier little munchkin than you had before.  Or you could look down at your precious little human, take a moment to unapologetically think to yourself how absolutely adorable your child is and how grateful you are to have the life you have, and simply relax for two minutes before you get up off of that couch and go rock that supper prep, a little more rejuvenated than you would have otherwise been.

These mere slivers of time hardly register in a day’s schedule, and yet the power they have to recharge, rebalance, and put a person’s mind in a positive space is priceless.  And they help you be a better mom too.  So take advantage of every little mom moment that comes your way, and remember, you deserve it.



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