Why I’m Over Birthday Parties – Mommy Blogger


Why I’m Over Birthday Parties – Mommy Blogger

June 9, 2019

I’m Liv from Saskatoon, I am Momma to 2 kiddos- Holden, my very energetic 5 year old and Lexi my spunky 1.5 year old. I am also Stepmomma to a beautiful 12 year old, Breanna. I am married to truck driver Brandon, who spends a lot of days away from home. When I’m not momming (is that ever?) I am a Recreation Director at a seniors home in Saskatoon. I am passionate about health and wellness and coffee. Coffee is my jam. I’m new to the whole blogging thing but I find putting my thoughts to paper is a wonderous form of self care

I never knew the monopoly of birthday parties until my son got into preschool.

My husbands extended family is quite close so we were already going to birthday parties throughout the year- my little guy is a January baby so his party consisted of a sledding and Weiner roast out at his grandpas farm. I didn’t invite anyone except close friends and family. Because why would I make his preschool friends drive an hour out of their way in the dead of winter?? Nuh uh.

From Sept. to January it was quite quiet, not a lot of parties…but then it was like wham. Every weekend. We took it with stride and tried to have him attend each one. Most of the kids he was quite close with and played with all the time. So it was great!

Then…there are what I like to call “those parents” who invite every single kid and their siblings, even though our kids don’t say more than 2 words to each other. The latest one we got an invite less than a week before the party…needless to say I was hesitant.

“X is having a birthday party buddy, are they a good friend of yours?”

“Mmm no I don’t play with them a lot. But won’t they be sad if I don’t come?”


So last minute scrambling for a gift, make arrangements, etc etc. We arrived at the party and weren’t even acknowledged.

Great. Super glad we dropped $35 on some kiddy crap that will be added to the other mass pile when you don’t even say hello.

Maybe I’m not the norm. And that’s fine. But to me…I’m not going to obligate these kids and parents into being invited to every.single.party. My kid doesn’t play with yours. That’s cool. They’re gonna be ok.

Can’t wait for Kindergarten….

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