The Transition to a Nap Free Life – Mommy Blogger


The Transition to a Nap Free Life – Mommy Blogger

June 10, 2019

Hi, I’m Becca. I’m a mom to a beautiful and wonderfully silly toddler named Bridget who is 2. I stay at home with her, but I’m also growing a business and have recently started my own blog. When I’m not busy figuring out how to balance mom life and taking on the world, I love to bake, watch Netflix till 1am, have game nights and read. I survive on caffeine and sarcasm and try to live a life full of gratitude. You can follow my exploits on Instagram @brighteyeshappyheart or visit my blog

There are some wonderful transitions when it comes to raising a toddler. The most exciting of which for me so far has been the transition out of diapers! Not the subject of this post, but finally getting her potty trained has really just been amazing.

My least favourite transition up to this point, by far, has been her giving up on her one remaining nap most days. She hasn’t always been the greatest napper, but I could generally count on an hour and a half to two hour nap. It was my time to do my stuff! Get some work done, exercise without an extra 30lbs climbing on me, read a book in silence, do some cleaning in peace, have a nap! Sadly, those days are gone.

Our new norm is either fighting with her for an hour just to have her not nap in the end anyway, or just not trying at all because I’m not up for the struggle and having her be one cranky girl by about 5pm. Actually, either way she’s usually a cranky girl by 5pm.

It’s been super fun…..

So I’ve just started using what would have been her nap time to do all the things I would have one while she slept or to get out of the house and get stuff done. Running our errands for the day or having some extra play time outside and then try for a bit of quiet reading or playing when we get home. On the bright side, my schedule is a lot more flexible now and I can head out of the house generally whenever I want.

Transitions aren’t always fun, but they aren’t going to stop happening so I might as well not fight them and learn to adapt.  Pretty sure that’s my mantra for parenting now, quite fighting and learn to adapt! Who’s with me?

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