Summer on a Budget- Mommy Blogger


Summer on a Budget- Mommy Blogger

June 16, 2019

Hey everyone! My name is Kelsey, and I’m a first time mama to a healthy and handsome boy, Atlas. Atlas is almost four months old, and this has been the best journey I’ve been on! When I’m not living it up mat leave style, I’m a social worker for Child & Family Programs, working in Child Protection. My fiancé (soon to be husband in 4 months-whoop whoop!) works away during the week as an Electrician. Although my weeks can be long not having Mike here, my support system is incredible and our family time on the weekends is amazing! I love to spend time at the lake with family, go for walks by the river, craft/scrapbook and enjoy all of the “firsts” for Atlas. I’m looking forward to more journaling/blogging throughout the new year!

I’m currently on maternity leave, and my babe just turned nine months old. It’s hard to believe that I’ll be back to work soon! I want to cherish these summer months and do all the fun things, while keeping a budget in mind. Summer can become expensive as there are so many festivals/activities that are happening, so I wanted to share a few of my go to cheap/free kid friendly ideas.

Zoo- we love the zoo! Once you have the season pass(affordable!) it makes for an awesome time. Atlas is only 9 months, but he enjoys all the animals and hitting up the park. We typically pack a picnic, look at the exhibits, and the fresh air is wonderful.

Spray pads/parks- This is a staple for us. Atlas has been loving the spray parks, and I can’t wait for the paddling pools to open! For older children, there are crafts/activities in the buildings!

CJ’s-Love this option as Atlas is still free until 12 months. Last week was the first time we were there, as I didn’t know they had such awesome baby areas! Loved having a coffee and visiting and then chasing after little man on all the mats.

Farmers market- we love to walk by the river and then make our way to the farmers market. Fresh veggies & fruit are my favourite items to grab there! Keep your eye out for events happening here throughout the summer as well!

Library- most libraries have awesome kids sections with books & toys! Love that I can take out books now that they forgave all late fees a couple years back… lol!

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