Untimely Smoothies – Mommy Blogger


Untimely Smoothies – Mommy Blogger

July 16, 2019

I’m a teacher, wife and mom of a very proud soon-to-be big sister. My blogs highlight the happy and humorous moments of parenting. I love music, writing, the outdoors and mommy-ing and I enjoy sharing how kids have a magical way of making favourite past-times like these even better.

“That’s funny,” I thought. “That sounds like the freezer door.” I frantically buckled Baby G, our one month old, into her car seat, hoping Little G, our two year old hadn’t wiggled out of the dress shoes I had coaxed her into with the promise of fruit snacks after the ceremony.  “No, he’s not…” as I heard the undisputable sound of the blender start up.  We were five minutes past our real ETA, which was a half hour past the ETA I had communicated to the rest of our clan, and my hubby had decided it was a good time to dig out the supplies and make a batch of smoothies.

I was sweating at the realization that it was likely that our whole extended family was already at the church for our daughter’s baptism, sitting in the pews, with no sign of us.  My hubby’s mind was somewhere else.  And it was bugging me.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, he was fully aware of the stress I was under, and placed a pretty good bet that I hadn’t eaten breakfast.  He was right.  While I was having anxiety about getting to church within a socially acceptable timeframe before the baptism, he was concerned about me, and the fact that I needed some calories in my body to feed our milk-obsessed munchkin, and for general survival.

In situations where our hubbies are aboard different trains of thought, it’s easy to assume they’re not getting the picture and they don’t fully understand what’s going on.  But the truth is, although there are certainly situations where, as moms, we, um, are quicker to become conscious of things that need attending to, our guys are probably a lot more in tune than what they get credit for.  We just have different ways of looking at things sometimes.  IE: I prioritized punctuality and he prioritized food.

Maybe my hubby could have started making us smoothies 15 minutes earlier, yes.  And maybe I could have set my alarm even earlier so it wouldn’t have come to the aggravating, untimely smoothie incident.  But we’re far from perfect parents and our kids are lucky they have both of us to make up for each others’ shortcomings.  I pay attention to certain things and he gives more attention to other things and together we are half decent at keeping our household rolling.

Of course, the smoothie story is an example among thousands of when I’ve thought one thing and my hubby’s thought another.  We learn from it, get over it, and become better parents for it.  Now I get a smile every time I hear the blender start up, reminding me that we make a pretty good team.  For the record my smoothies are usually gross because I get too creative with the ingredients.

Oh and we made it to the baptism on time, although yes, every single family member had already arrived by the time we walked in the doors.  But, Baby G hadn’t spit up on her baptism gown yet and Little G still had her dress shoes on.  I took the last sip of my smoothie and smiled…or at least that’s how I’ll end the story.

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