29 Candles – Mommy Blogger


29 Candles – Mommy Blogger

July 30, 2019

I’m Liv from Saskatoon, I am Momma to 2 kiddos- Holden, my very energetic 5 year old and Lexi my spunky 1.5 year old. I am also Stepmomma to a beautiful 12 year old, Breanna. I am married to truck driver Brandon, who spends a lot of days away from home. When I’m not momming (is that ever?) I am a Recreation Director at a seniors home in Saskatoon. I am passionate about health and wellness and coffee. Coffee is my jam. I’m new to the whole blogging thing but I find putting my thoughts to paper is a wonderous form of self care

In less than a week I enter the final year of my twenties; or as I like to put it, my first 29th birthday. Am I anxious about it? No, not necessarily, after all 29 by today’s standards is quite young. Not to mention I’ve (basically) got my life together. I’m happily married, 2 kids, good job in a career I love, and I’ve recently taken on a 2nd career as a fitness trainer. Could my finances be better? Sure- but I’ve got little kids, have you seen the prices of daycare?? Does this go to say that someone approaching 30 who doesn’t have all these ducks in a row is doing worse than I? Hell no.

I think the biggest milestone for me, as I approach this ‘wiser’ age, is how I’ve come to accept myself, and my body. There’s no surprise that my body has changed over the years (2 kids tend to do that), I’ve found my diet has had to change. I used to be able to crush some pizza and NOT have to worry about my pants not fitting for a week…I’ve suddenly started enjoying coffee with just milk (whoa), and I used to love running but suddenly my body is saying “no no no, no longer a good idea!”. I’ve grown to love my body how it is, what I can do, my activity level, and mostly for the way it carries me through the day. I no longer measure my worth by what size my pants are, or the size I am compared to others; but how I can run around with my children until bedtime, bike until I’m sweating and red in the face, and the feeling of accomplishment and endorphins with each new goal I meet. None of those include a scale.

Previously each birthday was a reminder, almost like a “new year” resolution, to lose the weight, etc etc, blah blah blah. Not this year. It’s still a new year, a reset, but it’s a mindshift now. I still have goals I am working towards, but…I’m having a good time! Life is too short!

So here goes the last year of my twenties- I’m pumped, I’m having a ball, and I don’t want to stop at all. (Queen reference there 😉 )



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