To My Friends Who Became Mothers Before Me – Mommy Blogger


To My Friends Who Became Mothers Before Me – Mommy Blogger


Hello! My name is Keira, and I am a new mom to a beautiful baby girl.  Motherhood is as everyone says – the most amazing thing.  It is also the hardest, loneliest and most exhausting thing.  I’m here to share both sides of motherhood with you.  I hope you enjoy.

To my friends who became mothers before me,

I get it now.

I’m sorry if I didn’t give you enough of what you needed in those newborn days.  If I only came to visit once, and didn’t think to bring you food, or a coffee – or both.  I should have asked you if there was anything ELSE you needed picked up before I stopped by: your groceries?  Sure, no problem.  A second pacifier for baby?  You got it.  A bag of adult diapers?  I got you, girl.

If you have older kids, I should have taken them to play and burn off some energy.  Or kept them and baby entertained so that you could take a shower (I had no idea how sacred those 5 minutes alone in the shower could be – until I had a baby).

I should have asked you how you were really feeling, because I know now how hard it is.  Everything is so foreign to you, including your own body.  Everyone knows that having a baby is life changing, but you really don’t understand it completely until you’re in the trenches.  I’m sorry that I didn’t know how intensely exhausting trying to feed a baby is.  Whether you’re breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, bottle feeding, or a combination of it all – it’s all so damn  hard.  The feelings of guilt can be so thick that I should have been able to feel it; and if I didn’t, I’m sorry.

To my friends who are now back to work after maternity leave, I feel for you.  I still have eight months before my time is up, and the thought of leaving my baby sends my anxiety through the roof.  You are so strong, and if you ever feel as though you aren’t – I’m here for you.

Most importantly, I wish I would have told you a million times what a warrior you are.  You’ve given your all to a new human being – you now wear your heart on the outside.  Everything you do now is for that little one and for that, you are AMAZING.


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