These 5 Toys Will Give Your Baby a Head Start on Learning 


These 5 Toys Will Give Your Baby a Head Start on Learning 


It’s no secret that kids love toys, and that love of playing and exploring starts even when they’re infants. But toys are not just about entertainment. In fact, toys can do so much more for your baby then just keep them occupied.

The best toys are able to engage your baby’s curiosity and senses.  They teach babies about the world around them, including new shapes, colours, textures, and sounds. Playing with toys also develops an infant’s fine and gross motor skills.

This article shows you five of our top picks for toys that will give your baby a head start on learning… 

1.  Playgo Bath Buddies

Playgo Bath Buddies are safe even for newborns. They are a toy that can grow with your child easily. Many children love bath toys even into preschool and early grade school.

This toy set comes with a mesh storage bag and two suction cups that make it easy to dry and store the toys right in the bath area. Teach your child about animals, such as seals, crabs, and frogs with these friendly animal-themed toys. The moving parts and included cups teach basic cause and effect, like what happens when you tip a cup and water pours out.

Simple toys like these encourage conversation and bonding between you and your baby.  Check out Playgo Bath Buddies here. 

2.  Lil Sensory Bloxx

Lil Sensory Bloxx are another basic learning toy. But they pack a lot of education into their simple design. The blocks come in multiple colours and have animal shapes, letters, and numbers imprinted on the sides. The 3D shapes allow your infant to explore texture, which develops their fine motor skills. 

The blocks can also be used to develop gross motor skills like stacking and throwing. They are made of safe, soft plastic and are appropriate for infants of all ages.  You can take a closer look at Lil Sensory Bloxx by clicking here. 

3.  Playgo 5 in 1 Multivity Cube

This plastic toy cube has a different activity on each of five sides. As your child turns the cube, they can explore a different activity. Interacting with the pieces on each of the five sides improves your baby’s fine motor skills, and helps with memory and location skills.

The toy also includes a wind-up mechanism to make music for the baby. It’s a great way to begin development of logical thinking skills, and can be used by infants as young as six months.  Find out more about the Playgo 5 in 1 Multivity Cube here. 

4.  Fisher Price Kick n Play Piano Gym

Play mats are an excellent toy that every infant should have the opportunity to explore. They encourage muscle development, and are especially good for encouraging tummy time to build up core and neck muscles.

This play mat has a set of piano keys that plays music and sounds to encourage your baby to lift their head up while on their tummy. The toy is also great for allowing baby to play while laying on their back. There are toys and a mirror hanging from an arch, which encourages baby to reach, grasp, and bat at toys.  You can also detach the musical piano toy for sitting-up play or when you travel with your baby. Click here to learn more about Fisher Price Kick n Play Piano Gym. 

5.  Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Laptop

This interactive laptop engages multiple senses. It will keep your baby busy with sights, sounds, and textures. Here are a few of the things that can do:

  • Plays songs and phrases about letters, numbers, and colours when your little one presses one of the nine keys or toggles the space bar.
  • Makes sounds when the lid is opened or closed.
  • Displays images and patterns on the LED screen.
  • Utilizes Smart Stages technology, which changes the learning content as your baby grows.

Because this toy has a handle, you can take it with you when you travel with your child. Level one has learning content appropriate for ages 6 months and older, such as first words and sounds. Level two is best for ages 12 months and over, and prompts the baby to answer questions and follow simple directions. Level three engages imaginative and make-believe play for ages 18 months and over.

One of the best things about this toy is that for under $20 you get something your infant can play with and learn from for up to 3 years of age. The toy comes in two different colours, blue or pink. Learn more about the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop in blue here. Or check out the pink laptop here.

Visit Samko and Miko Toy Warehouse to find these educational toys and more.

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