A Review Of Scholars Etobicoke Lakeshore


A Review Of Scholars Etobicoke Lakeshore


To say that the 2019/2020 school year has been a challenge is a dramatic understatement!  Between homeschooling in a lock down, to crammed in-person classes, to a brand new virtual school program – our children’s education has never faced so many hurdles.

That’s why it’s reassuring to know that there are companies like Scholars Etobicoke Lakeshore who are able to help parents navigate their child’s schooling.  Scholars is a Canadian based tutoring centre, with a brand new location in South Etobicoke – in the Alderwood plaza next to Farm Boy (827 Brown’s Line)

Scholars employs OCTs (Ontario Certified Teachers) which is the designation required of all teachers who teach in publicly funded schools in Ontario.  What makes this centre unique, is their affiliation with the Ontario School board.  Unlike other tutoring centres who develop their own curriculum, Scholars follows the Ontario Curriculum and will work directly with your child’s school teacher to make sure that what they are learning at Scholars also helps them succeed in the classroom. 


With a 1 teacher:2 students ratio, you can feel confident that your child is getting individualized instruction.  The first step in the process is an assessment.  Scholars then connects with your child’s teacher to put a plan in place to help your child.  A typical program involves having your child attend for a 1 hour session, twice per week, with a parent check-in/progress update after every 12 hours of instruction.

They provide a wide variety of teaching aides to help students learn in a format that follows their learning style.  

I felt very comfortable with all of the precautions they have in place to help keep our little learners safe.  Capacity restrictions, enhanced cleaning, plexiglass shields, separate areas for staff, etc.  They even have removed shared text books and instead use individualized print outs based on the Ontario curriculum.  Since they are part of the education and  child services category, Scholars  Etobicoke Lakeshore will remain open during the lockdown.


They also have online tutoring available using a software program that provides more privacy and security than your typical video conferencing software.


The owners Aaron and Kareen are very friendly and professional, and they are passionate about helping our little ones succeed.  To learn more about their centre, please contact them at:







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